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X1X only displays 480p, is it time?

2022.01.18 16:27 fordyy X1X only displays 480p, is it time?

Started my Xbox one x today and no signal, weird. Reset the resolution holding the front buttons, but now it doesn’t display anything other than 480p. Things I’ve tried: - Different HDMI cables - Different monitor - Factory reset - Changed from auto detect to HDMI in display settings.
I think she might be dead, anyone have any idea what I could try before she’s later to rest?
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2022.01.18 16:27 Zuex1997 Help me please! Crashing problem.

Okay to start this off I just want to apologize in advance for the potentially lengthy post along me with me not having a ton of experience working with/building PCs. If I ask a stupid question or something doesn’t make sense feel free to let me know!
Motherboard: ASRock Fatality B250 gaming K4
CPU: Intel i7 6700k (I could be wrong but pretty sure that’s what it is, not home at the moment)
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070ti sc? (Not sure what sc means and if it is of importance)
Ram: Unsure on exact brand/speed but I have 32gb and I’m pretty sure it is DDR3
PSU: Coolmax 450w, Model: CL500B (I know I’ve seen 1070ti should have somewhere around 600w PSU which is something I will get to but problem occurred first with 650w PSU)
I traded and old Mac and old gaming pc to a mom and pop shop in order to get the PC in question (store is a bit sketchy and under the table). I made the trade 2 years ago AT MOST and with the way the store works there was really no transaction/warranty on the trade (not my greatest decision).
A while ago the PC started having a crazy problem where the fans would absolutely go insane. I’ve been around PCs all of my life and never have I heard something like this, when someone says your PC sounds like a jet engine it could not be more spot on.
After a while It happened more and more frequently and I noticed it was specifically happening only when playing games (other than the first time it happened) which was when I was installing Adobe Illustrator. My first steps were making sure temperatures were all good and normal, along with redownloading games, making sure all drivers were up to date, and uninstalling illustrator. When all of my try’s continued to fail I eventually tried to factory reset the computer.
Considering I’m posting on this subreddit as you can probably tell, resetting the PC did nothing either. At this point I took it in to the shop I got it from (which the guy is incredibly unreliable and will hold onto the PC for weeks without touching it). I told him what’s going on and he finally “took a look at it” “ran stress tests” and “double checked everything” and told me the PC is completely fine and if there is any problems it’s with the game/games I’m playing (which I knew wasn’t true).
After this I decided to just take it home and try to come up with a solution by myself, I’ve been all through the bios, making sure fan speeds and things along those lines weren’t completely messed up. Nothing I tried or found online worked. I eventually just said screw it and continued to play through it considering I’m broke and can’t afford something new.
That’s when the crashing started, at first I’d get an hour or two and the computer with freeze, crash, sometimes just turn off, and the hour or two because 10 minutes very quickly (I know I’m dumb for doing this). At this point I took it back to the shop and complained my ass off, this did nothing for me considering I didn’t see the PC again (even after calling to check a lot) for over 3 weeks. Finally I got fed up and went back to the store, the PC did not move from where they set it and they had not even looked at it. After enough complaining he finally took a look at it, I waited a few hours just to get a call back telling me it’s been the power supply this whole time and that’s when he put in the one I currently have.
As you can assume the problem is not even close to solved, seems worse now if anything, the computer is unusable and I ended up having to shell out a bunch of money to get a new one.
To round things off here, my girlfriend recently has been enjoying playing video games, it has been one of my favorite past times to do with her but since my roommate moved out she no longer has a PC to play on. I am thinking it’s the graphics card causing the issues and I know the second fan for that card doesn’t turn on until something like 70 degrees but from what I can tell it never turns on now. I would like to fix this computer to surprise her but I’m not even sure where to start.
Can someone please give me any insight on what I could do to fix this myself.
Again, I am SO SORRY for the insanely long post, I have been dealing with this for so long and I finally want to say f*ck it and figure it out myself.
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2022.01.18 16:27 jackjam7 Epic surprisingly did not forget about the old hiding place like they did with the superhero base that was at salty springs

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2022.01.18 16:27 nhlomid [ADVICE] Great acknlowledgement to all my fellow vevillionaires

Hi guys,

Just wanna say dont let your emotion play when buying nfts, do your analysis and buy what you think its worth and hodl it. DO NOT LET SHILLERS FROM YOUTUBE TELL YOU WHAT TO BUY. Well the former just explains how these youtubers try to let you convince to buy what they think is worth. They probably have a lot of those they spam with their youtube videos.
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2022.01.18 16:27 scp049-j-the-birb Daily motives 9 and 10

Also I forgot to tell you this but 10 will be the last daily motive
The first one is called “information”
Monokuma calls everyone to the library, he announces that an expansion will be added to the library, containing all the information you could ever want
Everyone goes to the expansion, and it contains a bunch of info; who the traitor is, every secret about the student, ways to commit murders.
Maybe someone wants to kill the traitor for justice or something
Maybe someone has a grudge against someone else, since they now know information about them
The second one is called “last chance”
This is probably only for chapter 5 or 6
Monokuma is having trouble hosting the killing game for whatever reason, so he offers one last chance to escape alive. If the mastermind doesn’t die within 3 days, everyone except the mastermind will die.
If someone escapes as the blackened, they have to take the mastermind with them
There can be death in between though, maybe someone thinks someone else is the mastermind, they kill them, then they get executed. The motive will still be in place until either the mastermind dies, or someone escapes as the blackened
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2022.01.18 16:27 Fubijar94 Welcome our new houla, Willa

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2022.01.18 16:27 bva6921 COVID 19 Rapid Tests

Hi everyone, I’m from Winnipeg and came here on Saturday to wait for another flight. However, before checking in onto that flight, I received a positive PCR test result so I immediately had to go into self-isolation since then.
Right now, I’m looking for rapid tests so that I can check for my conditions every 2-3 days. I read on QC website saying that they’re available at most pharmacies but don’t know exactly which ones. Also according to CBC, many pharmacies are supposed to receive tests but ended up getting none.
So I’d like to get input from people living here, I’m currently staying in Lasalle if it helps. Thank you all so much and have a good day!
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2022.01.18 16:27 -Rampaging- Tidy tail requested pics

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2022.01.18 16:27 Witty_Builder_1276 är min första meme men det är ett mestevärk enligt mig

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2022.01.18 16:27 linuxology Crypt Question

Does crypt store the encrypted data locally prior to upload somewhere? I'm just attempting to understand if it takes local storage space for the encrypted data prior to uploading to a cloud storage
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2022.01.18 16:27 Hercislife23 Heads Up On Keyboard Standard Shipping Times

For those of you who ordered the keyboard and didn't pay for the DHL shipping (such as myself), just a heads up, it is very likely you won't receive your keyboard until LATE Feb. I emailed support because my keyboard "shipped" over a week ago but hadn't moved in a week (still in China) and just wanted to know if there was something I was missing and they responded with something along the lines of 2-6 weeks for shipping from shipment date. With Chinese New Year coming quickly it is likely they might stay in China until afterwards.

For reference I placed my order on the first on January and mine didn't "ship" until the 11th and went from one facility to the other on the 12 and is now the 19 and hasn't moved.
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2022.01.18 16:27 SeeYouBelly Hopefully we don't pass COVID19 to our pets.

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2022.01.18 16:27 Hgaara01 Doing my first DIY job. Making speaker stands. $45 in material versus $110 for pre made ones. Will you premade ones be nicer than my amateur mess can come up with? Sure, but never going to learn if I don’t go for it

Doing my first DIY job. Making speaker stands. $45 in material versus $110 for pre made ones. Will you premade ones be nicer than my amateur mess can come up with? Sure, but never going to learn if I don’t go for it submitted by Hgaara01 to MilwaukeeTool [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 16:27 nis5e (Comfy) Why Donkey Kong Country is Essential Gaming [08:04]

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2022.01.18 16:27 hawksmoker Birch Butcher Block Bar

We’re in the process of building a house and have decided to go with Birch butcher block for our bar countertops. Any suggestions or how to videos that would help us out. From my initial research, it sounds like a few coats of stain and polyurethane with sanding in between. Thanks.
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2022.01.18 16:27 Bbbccc19 Friends, boys, and relapse

Just for context I’m 23. So I had 95 days, and decided to go on a date with a guy at a bar. I didn’t drink and he didn’t say anything about it. He invited me to hangout again later that week and I thought we were just gonna chill and watch a movie but it turned out we were going to the bars with his friends. Under the pressure of being surrounded by a bunch of people I didn’t know and him sort of pressuring me, I drank. And then a week later I drank with my roommate. She’s going through a break up after her first LTR these last few months and has been isolating very hard which I understand. I try to help cheer her up and get her out of bed, but 9/10 she says no to any plans I make. She’s been my best friend since we were 4 and even though I know her isolation isn’t about me, I can’t help but feel neglected. Last night I asked her to get drunk with me in the living room and lo and behold she said yes and we actually spoke to each other and hung out. I’m just getting insecure that people won’t want to be around me when I’m sober. I know for the guy part of it, I shouldn’t be dating and should work on myself. I’m just starting to feel like I may have to make completely new friends too
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2022.01.18 16:27 stick_bob Ummmmmm Why can i not view the files of the most recent worlds??? in the files it only shows worlds from november

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2022.01.18 16:27 ColtonComp scammers in chat sending you to a website which steals your account so they can advertise the website on your account

scammers in chat sending you to a website which steals your account so they can advertise the website on your account
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2022.01.18 16:27 KopakaWitThaGlocka Hi Reddit; it’s me, formerly u/filthydank_2099 who was permanently suspended on that account for using my secondary accounts to post proof that Riley Reid is an admitted rapist. I was called an incel for posting the truth. More in comments. Don’t let the mods and admins silence facts.

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2022.01.18 16:27 Interesting-Ad-4233 I expected my school to be rebuilt every year

After my first year at primary school, the old school was knocked down and we were moved to a temporary school. The next year, we move into the brand new school.
At the start of my 4th year of primary school I was confused to why the school hadn't build us a new school this year. My mum explained that they wouldn't build a new school every year for us. I was so shocked and disappointed that we would have to reuse the school building every year!
I can't believe I thought the government would pay for a small rural school to be rebuild new for every school year.
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2022.01.18 16:27 buckeyespud You were already likely at one point standing at the end of a rainbow from someone else’s vantage point.

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2022.01.18 16:27 TPain93 [Season 6 - MD4 - League 4A] Hayley Atwell vs Barbara Palvin

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2022.01.18 16:27 Bagle0 Who do you think benefited the most from the bans?

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2022.01.18 16:27 LoadingComputer Robo kevin pack question

Do you get any compensation if you buy the robo-kevin pack but already own stw?
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2022.01.18 16:27 Girlpoops Any experiences with Dr. Ray Taban?

I've seen his Google and Realself reviews. The majority are good with a few bad ones sprinkled in for procedures I am not interested in. I am going to him for ptosis surgery, brow lift, and possibly a blepharoplasty (I haven't decided yet). I already had the consultation and am debating if I should book with him. I would love if anyone can share their personal experiences with him. Thanks!
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