Any recommended lifts for a 1999 WJ?

2022.01.18 16:36 StainEater Any recommended lifts for a 1999 WJ?

I was just wondering if y’all have any recommended lift kits. Right now I’m at a 3in lift but my control arms need replacing and the rest of my suspension is about as old as the car so I’m just looking to swap for a bigger lift.
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2022.01.18 16:36 Flying_madman Is it possible to fully deactivate the spam filter? It is killing my bot.

Hi, I built a bot for the users on my sub, They can summon it with a trigger and it leaves a response for them. It has been active for months. Today the Spam Filter has started removing all of its comments. Every single one. It's an approved user. The filters are set to their lowest levels across the board. It has an automod rule to literally approve any comment/post the bot leaves, all to no avail. My bot does not leave my sub. I have never spammed any of its comments (removed a few but that's not supposed to train the filter). I tried to raise an appeal per the help page but it's not actually banned.
I have also seen more occasions where ordinary users are being inappropriately filtered, although thankfully that is more rare -assuming that I have caught every instance, which is unlikely because the filters do not tell me when they remove things from my sub. I know almost every submission is spammed
This is materially impacting my ability to moderate. I either need the ability to turn off the filters as they are doing more harm than good, or specifically exempt individuals from them. As far as I am aware I have used every tool at my disposal, but my own account remains effectively shadowbanned on my own sub and it seems I am powerless to do anything about it.
Is anyone aware of any other things I can try besides:

Is there anyone on the Admin team I can talk to about getting an exemption on my sub for my bot?
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2022.01.18 16:36 Wonogiri Nagato and Mutsu [Kancolle]

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2022.01.18 16:36 NoMasTacos Apparently we have stopped updating the hospital capacity in the state, we are stuck at 7% and 6% for a week

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2022.01.18 16:36 PsychedelicMention "psychedelic mushrooms" in /r/Conservative: Virginia lawmakers propose decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms

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2022.01.18 16:36 Rocs_j veganaise, hummus, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, 2slices “deli tofurky” and BBQ pop chips 🙃🙃

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2022.01.18 16:36 PowerjanniesCantWin how should I get a middle aged man who sits in my house all day eating all the food and watching tv out

this dudes almost 30 years old and he's dating my 19 year old sister and sits in house all fuckin day eating all the food and watching tv he doesn't have a job and he's a giant loser how do I get this loser out
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2022.01.18 16:36 SkatzFanOff Will Sonos Eventually Support Dolby Atmos on Apple Music?

I recently got an iPhone, my first one, and although it wasn't the main reason, one of the perks was using iPhone mics to calibrate the Arc 5.1.2 setup.
I also got Apple Music for free for a year, so I've been using that. I had a year of Amazon music, which has Dolby music, but its UI is, um, Bad. Very, Very Bad.
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2022.01.18 16:36 fp_admin Dropping Out of College | Finding What You Love | Discovering Yourself ft. Jesse James West

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2022.01.18 16:36 tw_bot Microsoft to Buy Activision Blizzard for Nearly $70 Billion - The New York Times

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2022.01.18 16:36 DeeSnow97 [no spoilers] Pricefield forever by the-arcadian-0125

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2022.01.18 16:36 greenbean999 Stupid question of the day! Wealthsimple linking

So am I going to void my online banking terms if I use my credentials to log in via wealthsimple app or is this okay? Is it one of those things that everyone does but is technically not okay? I will link them manually if it’s a concern but obviously this would be easier.
I asked my bank and checked their sites and wasn’t able to get a clear answer.
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2022.01.18 16:36 Diethyl-a-Mind Anyone here played Apex Legends before?

Does anyone else feel like Mirage and Don West are practically the same person? Or just me? Everything about the two of them is similar
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2022.01.18 16:36 forthemotherrussia UK Government to strengthen rules on "misleading" cryptocurrency adverts

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2022.01.18 16:36 xChineze FUT Series Open Qualifier

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2022.01.18 16:36 tw_bot The future of art(ificial intelligence) - The Michigan Daily

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2022.01.18 16:36 Stevenjmcnally So Jack looks a little different

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2022.01.18 16:36 jj_-_-_simp Is dis a good th4 army (:?

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2022.01.18 16:36 Judey7777 Worth taking a look at it?

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2022.01.18 16:36 publikkht Friendly and affordable coach looking to help you! Over 1000 sessions held in 2021 | Bundles Discounts | Free Sessions | Free Analysis | CoachChesster#7323

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2022.01.18 16:36 Economy_Candidate299 Ezra's Other Wolf: Chapter Three: Master and Apprentice Part I

There was no sleep for Ezra D'Razarl. Observing the salamander resting in the crackling fire pit silently in the dead of night, Ezra's eyes glinted yellow. He yawned, rubbed his eyes before glancing around the parlor. It was a vast room, wider than the two bedrooms combined. It had windows, with blades of soft blue moonlight slicing into it. Despite several chairs, Ezra sat alone and kept a safe distance. Using his eyes and the elemental lights, and a soft graphite tool, he drew the salamander bathing in gold flame, attempting to control every line, and added the following description:
Salamanders like to rest in fires. They can still even feel like winter ice.
He concentrated so sharply, he didn't hear nor sniff his master entering the place.
"Can't sleep?" Master Oswin sat beside him. "So you decided to draw…"
"Shat!" Ezra dropped the pencil onto the floor. "Master Oswin!"
"Your hearing is a bit off, as well as your smell."
"I--I was focusing, Master, Master Oswin." The young man's hands shook slightly, the silver ring on his fourth finger shone white. "I can't sleep well." He rubbed his forehead.
"Try to go to sleep."
"It's happening again…"
"Did you drink the draught I gave you?"
Ezra stared at his teacher, his eyes hard. "No." Of course, the apprentice felt the guilt growing. Yet he knew better. "The stuff tastes like metal."
There was a silence between them until Master Oswin said:
"It's for the best, Ezra."
Another brief silence.
"What have you discovered, studying this salamander?" The beastmaster pointed at the drawing. "Is that a wooden log?"
The young man shook his head. "No. A salamander in the fire."
"Can you recall to me what you've learned so far?"
Ezra stared at the fire, the flickering orange between black coal, the salamander gleaming red. "Salamanders," he began, "they like to be in the fire… They're also cold to the touch."
"Their spit makes you lose hair."
Master and apprentice both laughed. And a third silence occurred. Ezra returned to the fire and the salamander. He thought of his studies. The way the salamander seemed unharmed by the fire fascinated him. To be carefree in such a way… To withstand something that can harm others… For weeks, Ezra studied the very salamander that made him lose his hair, resulting in baldness. It wasn't entirely its fault. It was a mishap, yet at the same time, it provided an opportunity to study one of the somewhat rare creatures of their world. It would take a while for his hair to fully regrow.
"Master Oswin," Ezra said at last. "While I was looking for more information about the salamander, I found a scroll in your study."
The beastmaster lifted his head, stared at his student with interest. "Yes, Ezra?" He stroked his grizzled chin. "What is it? Did you find my great work interesting?"
"What do you know about…" Ezra returned the stare. "Werewolves?"
Master Oswin sighed. From the tone, the young man could tell he mentioned a subject that was serious. He wasn't a fool. Since he was a boy of eight, Ezra could somewhat remember the night of his scratch. That was thirteen winters ago.
"The scroll doesn't mention much," Ezra added. "It only says When the moon arises, one is inflicted shall become a werewolf, yellow eyes and long snout, fur and fangs. Silver is the bane.' I have eyes that glow in the dark; I can't sleep. I can hear and smell things. There has to be more!"
Slowly Master Oswin rose from his seat. "Did Master Kalzar tell you this? About your symptoms?" He stretched. "It seems he did."
Ezra rapidly became silent, for the young man remembered Master Kalzar, his first mentor. The man who had starved him, and at times beat him when he was a boy. Another of his late father’s friends, likewise for Master Oswin, though less close. Ezra had endured it all in order to master his black wolf familiar. Master Kalzar was obviously no ordinary man. "Aye," he said. "He did while I lived in Garkirkel. But…" He trailed off, shaking his head.
"Truth, compared to him, I have limited knowledge of werewolves," the master said. "Sadly, there's limited sources on the subject. Something terrible happened a century ago, I was told. Yet I can't say what. I have tried. That is all I found. Ask Master Kalzar. He knows more."
Ezra remained quiet. After some more silence, the beastmaster told his apprentice to go to bed, for they had a task to do in a few hours.
The sky was blue and clear when the apprentice and beastmaster rode their dromedaries away from the Quarters. The first hour was peaceful, save the crack of hooves and the moaning and groaning by their mounts.
"Why dromedaries?" Ezra finally asked Master Oswin. "Why not horses?"
"Horses are very loyal to their masters," he explained. "I'm sure you already know that."
"But why dromedaries?"
"These camels are small and quick. Don't need to drink water for days, and can travel a span of a thousand paces." Master Oswin spurred his own mount quicker. "Their loyalty doesn't matter as long you care for them."
With the wind whipping his scarred face, Ezra followed Master Oswin as close as he could. He could see the distant red mountain ridges spiked with countless dark green masses. And the hills rolled on for kilometers. The two made a turn, slowing on a slope before continuing. Some time later, they were entering the Verdenne Forest. Thick titanic trees flanked them as they slowed to a mild gallop. And the bird noises there made Ezra flinched. The sounds of buzzing insects, too, annoyed him. It went on and on. Yellow, white, brown and green and red and purple, those summer colors never seemed to end as well.
"Are you all right?" Master Oswin asked. "Is your hearing bothering you?"
"I'm fine."
"Let's rest first."
"I can make it, Master Oswin."
Giving his teacher a glance, Ezra knew he was going to be overruled. They haven't rested since leaving the place. And in his case, Ezra couldn't sleep well lately anyway. He yielded and they afterward began to search for a spot. It didn't take long. A small clearing was found, surrounded by trees. There, they rested.
"Here," Master Oswin said, presenting his draught. "Drink it."
Ezra frowned but he agreed.
A little later, the apprentice slumbered peacefully, resting his head against the wool roll he had brought with him. He had chosen a spot where an old, grand tree provided the most shade. During his sleep, a dream drifted into his mind. In said dream, Ezra strode through an empty cobblestone street. The sun was burning brightly. And there were no people. Stone buildings stood along the way. Houses. Businesses with hanging signs. It all looked familiar. Ezra tried to remember. He carried on until he came across a house. It was a white walled, thatched house with a small garden lined in front.
"This house," the young man said to himself, staring at it. "This house…"
Then it hit him.
Suddenly, Ezra bolted to the building, his heart pounding like a drum. He reached for the door and pulled.
Inside, he saw three people, garbed in black. Their backs were turned, facing something in front. There were candles burning, yellow against the dark. At first Ezra felt lost as he did something rude. I'm interrupting something, he thought. But…
Curiosity overruled him. As he approached the three people, he noticed what they were facing. It felt as if his world shattered.
"Ezra," a voice seemed to echo to him. "Ezra."
Abruptly, he woke to see Master Oswin shaking him.
"What happened?" He gasped. "What happened?"
"You were convulsive." The older man placed his hand on his shoulder. "Are you all right, lad?"
"Aye." Ezra pulled himself up, massaging his temple. "Just a dream."
"Do you want to talk about it?"
"It's nonsense, Master Oswin."
"Are you sure?"
"We better go, then." Master Oswin altered to a standing position. "It's still a long road ahead."
By afternoon, they approached the village. It was called Oakdown. It was small and far from the Quarters, obviously. Master and apprentice had arrived at the stable with no fuss.
"Make sure you pay the stable-master," Master Oswin said, giving Ezra a small bag of coins. "I will speak with the mayor."
"And what else?" Ezra asked.
"Meet me outside the tavern."
"To drink?"
"No. For lunch. It's called The Red Wyrm. Do you know what that is?"
"A type of dragon."
"Good." The beastmaster walked on, only to turn his head at Ezra. "Stay out of trouble."
"Alright, Master Oswin."
After his master left, Ezra led the two dromedaries to the stable; it was a short distance away. Ezra could see the stable ahead and two other buildings nearby. He assumed one of them to be the stable-master's house. Several more steps and there stood a large fenced enclosure wherein two horses grazed. Everywhere he saw the grass was tall and green. A thin stretch of trees here and there as well. When he entered the stable, he worried their two dromedaries wouldn't fit. He was wrong. The entrance and ceiling were high and wide enough for the dromedaries to walk through. There were at least two horses in their stalls. It was only a brief time until he encountered an ork. He saw the ork, pitching hay with a pitchfork, wearing no shirt. Orks were a minority in Galahadar. He had interacted with a few before. The young man almost turned away. The stink of horse manure was strong. Yet Ezra had a task. He cleared his throat.
"Are you the stable-master?" he asked.
A moment later, the ork stopped his labor and stared at him.
"Are you--"
"No." The answer was short and blunt.
"The stable-master's on business; speak to Remie, his sister."
But the two still locked eyes at each other.
"You got a problem with orks?"
"No." Ezra took a sniff. "It's just… the smell."
"What smell are you saying?"
"Nothing, never mind." Just as Ezra was about to turn, he heard footsteps behind him. He calmed down and saw another ork. She wore an apron secured around her dress. A ferrier.
"Theltonar," she said, "who's the bald boy?"
Ezra blushed at her words and looked back at Theltonar.
Theltonar stabbed the pitchfork into the haystack. "An outsider asking for the stable-master." The ork pointed at the young man. "The bald man."
"What's your name?"
Quietly, Ezra swung around and said, "Ezra D'Razarl of Rumunsar. Call me Ezra."
"D'Razarl? That sounds familiar…"
A heavy feeling swept into Ezra. He wasn't sure what she meant. After finding himself in a trance of blankness, he swallowed it in his mind. He then asked for the stable-master and found his answer: the she-ork clarified she was, temporarily. Remie. He continued to explain his situation and showed her the bag of coins.
"Choose your stalls," Remie said. "Plenty of room."
After leaving the stable, and not wanting to bother anyone, Ezra headed toward the village as instructed. The village consisted of half-timbered buildings, roofed with thatch. As he walked through the dirt-trodden street, he saw groups of people mingling by the side.
"Have you heard that Westmandy plans to invade Rotterkil?" Ezra heard someone say to another, passing by the fruit stand. "My uncle told me--"
And three children skipped rocks. "You cheated!" One of them puckered her lips. "I saw it!"
Eleven steps later, he encountered the sign of the hammer and avil. The blacksmith's shop. Smoke billowed through a hole on the roof and the fire crackled from the hearth. The young man paused briefly, seeing the bearded man hammer a blade repeatedly before carrying on. He studied the various signs as he did so. Needle and thread: Tailor; hammer and anvil: blacksmith; steaming bread: bakery… Every step, Ezra searched for the Red Wyrm. And everywhere he could see, the villagers pointed at him and murmured something.
"See that bald man?" someone said aloud. "His head is shiny like gems!"
Quickly, Ezra folded his hands into fists. But he knew better. He walked away, covering his head with his arms. He didn't pay attention, however.
"Ow!" A little girl's shriek and a thud. "That hurt, Mister!"
"By leaf, I'm sorry!" The beastmaster's apprentice pulled the girl up by hand. "I didn't mean to--"
"Why does your head have no hair, Mister?"
For a moment, Ezra didn't know what to say. The child's words were not offensive in any way; they were curious words. A child's innocence. He was about to explain when he suddenly heard a stern voice:
Such a tone made Ezra turn, and he saw a young woman about his age approaching them.
"Ginger!" The little girl said, dashing to her. "Mister, this is my sister, Ginger!"
"Abeille, don't tell strangers about anything!"
"But— ”
"The cheese!" The young woman returned the stare to Ezra. "Great, we have to buy another one!"
"Wait!" Ezra produced a coin from his pocket. "Here! For your cheese!"
But Abeille tugged her sister’s skirt, telling her that Ezra had bumped into her, and apologized. Ginger was not convinced. “We can get our own!” she said, dragging her little sister away. “Accepting coin from strangers? No!”
Left alone with the villagers staring at him, muttering about him, Ezra sighed and accepted the defeat. Master Oswin, however, was still counting on him. The young man went on until he saw the sign of The Red Wyrm. It was midday.
“Ezra!” The grizzled beastmaster waved his hand and met him. “Where were you, lad?”
“I was lost,” he replied. “Sorry about that.”
“Never mind; let’s eat first then we’ll find a place to sleep.”
The tavern was one of the worst places Ezra had ever been to. People seemed to forget their manners there, eleven or so. It was dark, save the firelight of the candles. And the smell of strong ale made him cover his nose the moment he first entered. He gagged and he was guided by Master Oswin to a table. He tried to ignore the noises, too.
“Don’t stare,” Master Oswin said.
Yet Ezra was as curious as a Dodo bird. It had some time since he had seen other people. It didn’t mean he had forgotten his manners, though perhaps this time he did. There were two men talking about a woman.
“Can you see her face?” One of them gulped his ale. “And she thought you were a fairy!”
On his right, a bearded dwarf drained his drink. Ezra stared with interest. It was not common to see aster Oswin said to the woman wearing a dress and apron. “Ale for me, and this lad here will have milk.”
“Milk?” Ezra gasped. “Why can’t I have something else?”
“You can’t drink,” the master told his apprentice once the woman left. “You know better.”
Although not a drinker of ale, Ezra was tired of drinking milk. Water was not the choice in those days, unless you boil it for an hour, let alone filter it first.
After eating and drinking, Ezra jokingly suggested they invent breaded chicken, to the confusion of his master. They left The Red Wyrm and walked the span of four buildings to the inn called The Sleeping Rat. Taverns often had beds for wearied travelers, but for some reason, the one they had just left didn’t have such structure.
“Did you grab our things?” Master Oswin asked. A blank face struck Ezra.
“No,” the apprentice said. “I forgot because the orks began arguing. I wanted to stay out.”
“It’s fine, lad.”
“I’ll go get it.”
“No, it’s my fault.”
Silently, Ezra watched Master Oswin study the sky before glancing too. It was purpling with red-pink streaks. Master Oswin creased his face, his grizzled chin gray and his long hair the same color. Noticing all these features reminded the young man of his late father. His father would often spend his time in the city of Rumunsar before returning to the homestead on the outskirts. Only on some days and some nights and end-of-season. Ezra often missed home and his family: the D’Razarl homestead had a cow and a stable, a chicken coop and pigpen. His mother and two big sisters lived with him there, waiting for father. Father was almost recognizable in his dark hood and robes. He seemed worn out as well, but he’d always answer young Ezra’s questions readily. Now with Master Oswin, Ezra dared not ask too many and dared not push it.
It was very late when the beastmaster finally returned with their things and by the time master and apprentice settled, Ezra felt tired and disturbed. He stared out the window.
“Drink the draught,” Master Oswin said. “You’ll feel better.”
“Alright.” Ezra sniffed the stuff, grimaced and forced it down. “Good to go.”
“We need to get up early. I will explain the task tomorrow.”
“What is it?”
A few hours later, a dream took place in Ezra’s mind. A different dream. He was walking through the forest. It wasn’t the forest surrounding the Quarters. It was the forest of his childhood in Rumunsar. Ezra was a little boy again.
As he walked, he thought heard something moving through the vegetation.
“Daisy?” he asked. “Daisy?” Daisy was one of his older sisters. Nothing happened except
something emerged from the shades of the thickets The towering trees rustled. A sharp snarl. And Ezra fled. His feet crackled the grass. He heard something growling from behind. Just when he tripped over a mossy tree root, a flash of light blinded him.
“Da!” Ezra woke up, with sweat drenching his forehead. He leapt out of bed. Master Oswin’s snores rattled off the walls of the room, and the light from outside was now darkish blue. The young man progressed to the washbasin by the window and splashed some water over his scarred face. As he did, he noticed something about his hands. It was the tremble again. He then stared out the window.
Traveling deep into the forest from the village with Master Oswin provided Ezra with a sense of peace. No nosy people, but the song of birds and other creatures. He didn’t know why they had to go far, so he asked.
“Today,” Master Oswin said, “we are going to track down wolves.”
Ezra paused. “Wolves?”
“Wolves?” Wolves were considered clever and if a person saw one, they need to be very quick.
“A mated pair,” the beastmaster said, going around a mossy boulder and leaping over a pointy vinewort. “They’ve been stealing fowl for a few weeks. A hunter came, but he had no success after losing his voice.”
“Lost his voice?” Ezra kicked a fat toadstool. “What?”
“Whatever you do, don’t stare at them if they stare at you first.” His master’s voice was grim. “If you stare at them first, they won’t attack you, and you won’t lose your voice.”
A brief pause occurred.
“It’s temporary, right?” Ezra’s voice had a hint of nervousness. “Master Oswin?”
But Master Oswin didn’t answer. He only asked him if he could use his wolf and began whistling. Most folks would see whistling as a hobby. Beastmasters, some Mages and Beasthunters would see it otherwise a useful skill. Ezra never could whistle properly. Master Oswin’s whistles soon received responses. Birds. “This way,” he said, and Ezra followed.
It was only some time later, the beastmaster’s apprentice panted and his knees ached.
“Master,” Ezra said, catching his breath. “How far?”
Only the towering trees and bushes and boulders greeted him, as well as the teasing breeze. The songs of the birds quieted.
“Master Oswin?”
No answer.
“By leaf!”
He searched.
“Master Oswin?”
The silence was only there.
He walked further into the forest until he took rest beneath a great tree. It was at that moment, everything fell quiet, as if sucked of sound.
Calmly, Ezra glanced at his surroundings, sniffed the air. Something was off.
“I swear…” He had a dagger but he never used it. Ezra never wanted to hurt creatures. He circled the tree repeatedly and cautiously.
Then he heard it.
Without warning, something knocked him down. Ezra used his forearm as a shield against sharp fangs. A growl. He tried to scream, but his voice failed.
The wolf! he thought.
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2022.01.18 16:36 Carlbarat1 Nobody Told Me! That's the One!

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2022.01.18 16:36 idklul3 Tank appearance

I see that the tanks have no camouflage in the game it is a bit odd to see a tank going as it came out of the factory in a winter map. Maybe add a damaged tank skin with shell marks or a torn out camo that can be selected with a high level the tank commander to represent veterancy where the writings and flags on the tanks would not be visible anymore representing that war at the end does kill who you are regarless of which side you're on. Plus am I the only one that finds "hades" written on the barrel of the m4a1 76mm off? I understand that its a Fury reference but instead of giving it a name marking kills on the barrel is more historically accurate I think to show veterancy do you guys agree?
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