Free Plants at 21st and Columbia dropped off on 1/18 @ 9am

2022.01.18 16:16 Squirrellybot Free Plants at 21st and Columbia dropped off on 1/18 @ 9am

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2022.01.18 16:16 Nitezyy Very poor gas mileage on a sedan

I drive a 2011 Mazda 3 and just had a couple questions about gas mileage. My last two fill ups were ~15 and 16 L per 100km. I feel like this is extremely high for a sedan, supposedly an economical car with a small engine.
This is my first winter owning the car, where I live the temperature ranges from -5 celsius to -25, mostly on the colder side recently. Most of my driving is in suburbs / main roads and maybe 10 percent on the highway. I avoid taking the car on very short trips where the engine can’t reach operating temperature and I don’t idle the car for long.
In the summer I was getting ~10L / 100km. Is it normal for gas mileage to worsen so significantly like this? Going 230km on 3/4 of a tank (38L) makes me feel like there’s something wrong with my car almost—I’d much rather gas mileage get a lot way worse during the winter though.
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2022.01.18 16:16 Affectionate_Risk143 As January 21 ape, holding over 2k shares, keep holding Even if amc drops below $10 MOASS will happen when markets will start to crumble…

And the cracks have started to appear, no amount of bandaid is going to stop this!
When others are fearful you have to be greedy and right now is the time! Keep buying one, 10 or whatever you can throw at if you can, buy ITM/ATM option and exercise if you can afford to! Just don’t buy crazy OTM calls!
Remember we’ve already won and this is the time for anyone to double, triple or even quadruple your position if you can afford! MOASS is coming, will you have enough share to last you in candy land?
As always NFA
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2022.01.18 16:16 BearBerend ik📺ihe

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2022.01.18 16:16 Opposite-Rich1140 Drudgigon on me be online !!

0932 6829 6715
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2022.01.18 16:16 alo29u UTE y la concha de tu madre

Buenas, vengo a quejarme sobre la UTE, ese divino monopolio estatal que te rompe el orto a tarifas todos los meses.
El domingo a las tres de la tarde , volvimos con mi familia a casa después de salir a comer, salió el vecino a preguntarnos si teníamos luz. Entramos y había luz en partes de la casa. Poco a poco la luz se fue yendo, y a las 5 de la tarde vino una camioneta de la UTE dado el reclamo del vecino, midieron, "le falta llegada" y se fueron. A las 10 como no arreglaban un carajo, como era domingo se ve que no había ganas de laburar, nos fuimos a un hotel. Ayer hicimos un reclamo a primera hora y a las 6 de la tarde hicimos otro reclamo, y nos dijeron que habían cerrado el otro porque habían arreglado el fallo en la subestación (habían 30 casas sin luz), obviamente esto era mentira. Nos fuimos a la casa de unos parientes de nochecita, mi vecino con un bebé de menos de un año se fue a la casa de la familia. Llamamos hoy de mañana, donde nos dijeron que no había ninguna brigada asignada y que el problema era un fusible y un cable. Al mediodía otra llamada y nos dijeron el problema y que seguían sin asignar a nadie.

Después de un total de 8 llamadas, más la de los vecinos, tiramos grandes partes del contenido de la heladera (incluyendo las gotas para el glaucoma de mi madre, que salen caras), le dejamos parte a una vecina que si tenía luz y nos fuimos.

La bomba que mueve el agua hacia 2/3 pisos de la casa no anda por la falta de energía.

UTE y la concha de tu madre. Llevamos 49 horas sin luz, no nos han dicho nada, nos mintieron cada vez que llamamos y usaron las inundaciones como excusa a pesar de que estamos sin luz antes de la lluvia.

Como sé que si privatizaran el servicio se lo darían a un empresario amigo del gobierno de turno o generarían un monopolio privado no soy partidario de la privatización, pero bueno, otra solución a esta negligencia e incompetencia no veo.
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2022.01.18 16:16 DatOneGuy-69 [USA-NY] [H] BNIB Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 [W] Local Cash, PayPal

Hello, everyone!
Looking to sell the titled item. It is a BNIB Lego Star Wars set number 75252, Imperial Star Destroyer. The set was purchased years ago, and I never ended up building it for lack of space to display it. Looking to sell for 600 cash locally, and for 650 shipped. Local will get priority over shipping.
Local to Nassau County.
Please PM me by going to my profile and pressing "send a message," please do not use the chat option.
Timestamps here.
Thank you all for looking!
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2022.01.18 16:16 Hunnit_zzq Never knew “purple” can be a rank for gears in this game @devs

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2022.01.18 16:16 soaringdooki What are you spending your clan shop points on?

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2022.01.18 16:16 StormShadow009 Can't.. Decide..

I'm having to tough time deciding. Headphones to pass out watching movies with in bed. Jabra 45h, Skull Candy crusher evo, JBL tube 660nc, Sony wh-ch700n. Same price range. I want to hear the if the Boggie man approaches so not interested in anc, but i guess transparency mode if necessary. No use for mic either.
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2022.01.18 16:16 Ordinary_dude_NOT UF-LOCO as Bridge for Bell Fibe

I have been exploring to use Unifi UF-LOCO ( as a bridge and totally ditch Bell Home Hub 4000. Has anyone tried this configuration to work as bridge on Bell Fibe?
P.S. I already have USG (connecting to switch and multiple APs) which connects to Home-Hub and WAN via PPOE. This last step is to completely remove this Bell device.
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2022.01.18 16:16 ncrst_xbox [Xbox] [H] Credits [W] Striker OR Playmaker Ethereal Boosts

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2022.01.18 16:16 the_troubled_moth What's the worst country you have travelled to and why?

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2022.01.18 16:16 NarcissistNarwhale Just got steam what games should I get? Any good games?

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2022.01.18 16:16 1FREEDNBCOM Miss Mants - Exclusive BREAKBEAT & BIG-BEAT mix for aKa freeD...

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2022.01.18 16:16 Logical_Revolution_8 🚨 #Mandox is now available on #shibaswap. 😎

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2022.01.18 16:16 bucket--bot automatically by calling **it** a child playing with strangers

that you are appropriated and i'm so here
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2022.01.18 16:16 ladymedallion Some cute lil mushrooms my pal did for me.

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2022.01.18 16:16 Huntery0 Daily Polka #54 (@Polca38885403)

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2022.01.18 16:16 Vegetable-Dog-6376 Help me

Hi, im 18 years old and im fapping since im teenager , I can’t stop this, i have tired many times. My brain is fucked up but still im trying and I wanna be free. For me stop smoking is much easier but this is very hard but still im trying and mu longest streak is 6 day.. so I wanna some advice to stop this Thank you for your help🖤👈🏻
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2022.01.18 16:16 tonykhant Just purchased Et5,no matter what I try can't get it to power on

Checked fuse,connections,power and won't turn on. Help please
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2022.01.18 16:16 AlpaZulu Analysis: Putin and Biden are caught in a high-stakes gamble over Ukraine

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2022.01.18 16:16 PolishedGold York B&G

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2022.01.18 16:16 Chambersmith Supply just doesn't work sometimes and I have no idea how to remedy it.

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2022.01.18 16:16 olive20597 Why is it advised not to use BHA while on Tret?

Before using tret, I used Paulas Choice 2% BHA for my horrible large pores and sebaceous filaments. I stopped using it after reading that I shouldnt be using it in conjunction with tret. Can someone help me understand why this is?
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