Lithium and acne

2022.01.18 15:32 reddit_usernamed Lithium and acne

Has anyone had experience with this? I’m a 37M and shouldn’t be getting acne this bad this late in my life. I read online that Lithium can cause acne. I take a decently high dose of 1350mg a day. Does anyone have any solutions besides getting off the Lithium? I’d like to stay on it if I can but this acne is out of control.
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2022.01.18 15:32 DarkSomke Fable Anniversary, Fable II and Fable III are currently on sale on Xbox as part of the Back Compat Sale.

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2022.01.18 15:32 Masi80 Pokémon Colosseum cheat codes

Hey everyone, I would like to have a 100% catch rate cheat since I really just want to go through the game. Apparently, there are two possibilities for cheating, per Action Replay and per Swiss. I do have an Action Replay, but it's the one from the SD Media Launcher where you can't add cheat codes - no Datel Action Replay Codes for me. Unfortunately, I haven't found any Swiss cheat codes for a 100% catch rate, does someone have it?
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2022.01.18 15:32 the-tailory-nyc Bad case of the Monday blues? A tailored suit is an instant mood elevator. This shawl lapel suit in a plum-colored flannel with statement grey pinstripe gives us the all the power we need to face the week. Just ask @danielle.a.cooper what she thinks. 💙

Bad case of the Monday blues? A tailored suit is an instant mood elevator. This shawl lapel suit in a plum-colored flannel with statement grey pinstripe gives us the all the power we need to face the week. Just ask @danielle.a.cooper what she thinks. 💙 submitted by the-tailory-nyc to QueerFashion [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 15:32 jonyoungmusic New monitor to replace my aging 30” Cinema Display!

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2022.01.18 15:32 Ilyena87 Wheel of Time nations/cultures and their real-world parallels/origins. This is a long list, feedback appreciated.

Middle East & Eurasian steppe culture: The names, horse culture, general culture. They seem to have bits of Ottomans, Cossacks and Mongolia. There’s also black sea region aspects. And they’re described to have bold noses, slanted eyes, coppery skin and black hair.
(historical) Russia: The surnames are pretty Slavic (with some Asian tossed in), they carry wealth in chains, they export furs, timber and mining products. They also have famous clockmakers, and good military.
Eastern Europe: They seems to have some western steppe culture influence, there’s also king Paitar, fur and timber again. Also they have braids with silver bells, which reminds me of traditional Bulgarian hairstyles, which is braids ornamented with silvery discs. They also usually have pale skin.
Japan, with some Kievan Rus: The topknots, swordfighting, bathing, honor and names are all Japan. The way their appearance is described, many personalities (Uno) and the nature gives me Kievan Rus vibes.
Arad Doman:
Arabic, especially Iran: People's names sound Arabic, city names Iranian. In ancient Egypt female merchants were common, and there are famous historical female Arabic merchants. There’s also the carpet trade, veils and the physical appearances of the Domani which are pretty Arabic.
South and east mediterranean: There’s some Turkish (eg cylindrical hats), some north African (panarch), the rugs, dyes, baggy trousers, a lot of port cities. There’s an Arabic vibe overall.
No clue actually. North mediterranean? There’s mountains and forest, they have dark coloring, they have slate (which is common in Spain & Portugal)
Puritans and Knights templar: They have that purity-obsessed, self-righteous Puritan Christian vibe. The white cloaks have a lot in common with the Knights Templar (misguided religious military crusaders in white)
Italy: Lace, the buildings, cheeses and seafood. Ebou Dar has a very Venetian vibe (guilds/canals). And their physical appearance sound similar to Italians. (Dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin in the south, fair skin and occasionally blue eyes in the north)
Germanic: Leather, aprons, centrally located in the continent, Burgundy sounds similar, Germany used to be a patchwork of mostly independent lands like Murandy.
England: Lion throne & rose crown, Caemlyn-Camelot & Gawyn-Gawain etc, long bows, powerful queens, and a lot of the culture and food is west European.
France and China: Daes dae’mar sounds like both the French court and the imperial Chinese court. Female fashion and sun-associated royalty is French, male fashion and silk road is Chinese. The court and nobility have a very French vibe. Carhienin are described as short in stature, often pale complexion, usually dark hair and black eyes are common, which sounds pretty Chinese.
Spanish and East/Southeast Asian influence: Nobility/military have some Spanish vibes: eg names, clothes, honor duels. There’s plenty of agriculture and the horses make me think of Andalusia. Commoner's clothing, spicy peppers, bamboo, fish, river delta and names like Siuan are rather East/Southeast Asian. Tairens are described as having dark complexions and dark hair which fits both.
Greek and Dutch: Olives, laurel crown, the Companions, Ilion and many character names connect to Greece, which was another name for Troy. The canals, the merchant power, the accent and smuggling are reminiscent of Bruges / Netherlands.
Irish Travellers, Romani and some Amish: Their colouring, Tuatha De Danaan and “Tinkers” says Irish. Caravans, tinkering and negative stereotypes are similar to Romani and Irish Travellers. The belief system and rules have some Amish vibes.
Celtic, Beduin and Zulu: Colouring, clans, and Tuatha’an connection all seem celtic. The desert people aspects and clothing seems Bedouin. And being badass warriors with shield & spear has Zulu vibes.
USA, and a variety of empires: Settlers went West, started their own rule & conquered the lands to become a powerful and wealthy nation built on slavery. Very classist, but still possible to rise from the bottom to the top (if unlikely). Biggest military and the most ethnic diversity. Dangerous animal = pet and they even speak in a Texan accent. All of this is very American. There’s also some nods to East Asian empires (lower gaze, laquerwork, clothing) and the Ottoman empire (kaf).
Sub-saharan Africa and China: Kigali, Sahara, their appearance (very dark skin and tight, curly hair) and ivory trade is reminiscent of Sub-saharan Africa. Silk, ancient absolute monarchy, isolationism and many names are rather Chinese.
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2022.01.18 15:32 AE-Cucumber-29200 Today it's birthday so I did a little edit ! I forgot to put a watermark lol

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2022.01.18 15:32 algulmehmett Abu Dabi'nin Musaffah bölgesine dün düzenlenen İHA saldırısı sonucu 3 yakıt tankerinde patlama meydana gelmiş, saldırı sonucu 3 kişinin öldüğü, 6 kişinin yaralandığı bildirilmişti.

Abu Dabi'nin Musaffah bölgesine dün düzenlenen İHA saldırısı sonucu 3 yakıt tankerinde patlama meydana gelmiş, saldırı sonucu 3 kişinin öldüğü, 6 kişinin yaralandığı bildirilmişti. submitted by algulmehmett to PolitikTurk [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 15:32 4Berlioz20 Hydro homie 4 life

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2022.01.18 15:32 degoodguy An interesting post on @Imgur raises and interesting question...

An interesting post on @Imgur raises and interesting question... Saw this intersting post on Imgur - - Did Joe Weisberg & Joel Fields know of this Elizabeth when developing the main characters for #theamericans
From - Raises an interesting question
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2022.01.18 15:32 SyntheticRonin Gpu usb-c for linking to quest 2 headset?

Greetings, so I have an gainward 2080 super phantom glh and it has an USB c port, can it be used with the link cable for the headset or something else? Thanks.
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2022.01.18 15:32 Accomplished_Carob48 If people kick you for troll in end of game, u will get elo? or no

For my experience something they give, sometimes no. And im curios its depend how much round over? or maybe minute in game? Maybe someone really know answer? Cuz last time im lost internet after round 5, but then comeback after like 8 minute and win game with team, but No elo for me. And yesterday in end of match troll team kick me and take 3 timeout to i get ban, but i get my elo. How its working?
(sorry for my english)
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2022.01.18 15:32 eng2725 People who were swapped at birth either by accident or on purpose, and raised by different parents, when and how did you find out?

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2022.01.18 15:32 FoxSwipeYoCookie UNLV writes for ENG 102

Anyone selling the textbook for ENG 102? PM if you are, thank you!
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2022.01.18 15:32 desertchick2000 Charlie is overlooking his kingdom!

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2022.01.18 15:32 Reaction_Afraid Them again

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2022.01.18 15:32 Longjump120001 Am I being ghosted or overthinking?

I met a guy on a dating app and it has gone really well (honestly one of the first times it’s gone well hah) we clicked right away and have been on 5 dates.
On the last date I went to his place to watch the Steelers game and he made dinner (I’m a huge steeler fan). I was worried to go to his place but figured if he tried to do more than kiss I’d say something. It was fun and he was so respectful. We did make out for the first time and I think he might’ve wanted more but I stopped it at making out and went home. We chatted the day after but haven’t made any other plans. I know it’s only been 1.5 days since that last date but it’s kinda weird we have no plans.
I’m starting to wonder if he only wanted to hook up? I just didn’t get that feeling at all or maybe I am freaking myself out for no reason.
Am I being ghosted or overthinking because we don’t have a next date planned.
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2022.01.18 15:32 JustAnotherPerson964 Corsets

I think you all know where this is heading. I wear corsets, and I make corsets (no, I don’t sell them). And my mom hates it. She thinks they’re torture devices made my men, to make women suffer, and that’s not what they are AT ALL! So I’ll be doing a little corset history lesson, by debunking some myths
1: The corset was actually made a by woman named Roxy Ann Caplin, not a man.
2: Attracting men was not the main reason for the corset. The real purpose for the corset was support, though fashion was a pretty big reason.
3: The corset did not damage organs, even when worn regularly. Women’s bodies are designed to move and shift for making room for children, if she decides to have any.
4: We didn’t stop wearing corsets in protest. They just simply went out of style as the natural waist became more popular
5: Not every woman strived for an 18in waist. Not saying none of them did, but most photos you see have been edited. Yes, they edited their photos, you can look it up.
6: CORSETS WERE NOT EVIL!!!! Out of all the myths, this is one that I can’t stand. If a corset is uncomfortable, it is either not your size, or it is being worn incorrectly. Think about it. Women played sports in corsets, danced in corsets, did work in corsets, sang in corsets, and didn’t die. Many women even liked their corset! The whole idea that corsets were deadly came from male Victorian doctors who had never worn one. Considering how out there Victorian doctors were, I wouldn’t see that as a reliable source.
So, I hoped this cleared some stuff up for people like my mother
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2022.01.18 15:32 Grizzly-Red-Beard got some funny looks directing traffic today. not sure why?

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2022.01.18 15:32 Ballowk Deji has lost some weight! Hope he gets the W

Deji has lost some weight! Hope he gets the W
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2022.01.18 15:32 faragio [Online] [5E] [GMT] The Wednesday Campaign - Heavy RP

The Wednesday Campaign Are your Wednesdays boring?
Tired of never playing D&D 5e?
Do you wish you had a weekly long-term group?
Do you love Roleplaying?
Well, look no further!

I am planning Weekly, Heavy-roleplay sessions and I am looking for the right mature players to assemble. To achieve this I am running a series of One-shots to “fish” for players. This will get a good gauge of people’s levels of commitment.
This will be aimed at guys and girls that are within their 30ish range (28-34 give or take a few years).
This will happen Wednesday Evenings GMT - 6/7pm for 3-4 hours.
For full details please read the Wednesday Campaign Google Document.
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2022.01.18 15:32 blurryk How Has My Season Ticket Holding Experience Been? (Stats)

As of the conclusion of this year, I've now held season tickets for a full 21 seasons. My first season attending every game was 2001, and I've gone every year since; with the exception of last season, as there was no in person attendance. As a yearly tradition, I like to reflect a bit on my experience and the team once the season is over, and this year my curiosity was: how bad has my experience as a season ticket holder been relative to any other given season ticket holding experience of the same length... As it turns out, historically bad.
Background Assuming you chose a random team to start and held season tickets for 21 years, there's 1440 different team/season combinations you could have selected. You might have started going to San Francisco games in 1975 and went through 1996, you might have started going to Seattle games in 1989 and went through 2010, etc. It turns out, that as of the conclusion of this season, the lions have officially done something they've never done in franchise history over a 21 season stretch, they have now dipped below 35% win percentage for any given 21 year period.
You may be asking yourself, "how bad is sub 35% win rate over 21 years?" and the answer is unbelievably bad. So bad, it turns out, that it's only been accomplished 25 times out of those 1440 possible combinations.
Data I took it upon myself to collect the season records of every single franchise since inception in the NFL, and tally up wins, losses, and ties over a rolling 21 year period to figure out how my experience stacked up against any other given 21 year period of season tickets in the NFL. All teams except Houston (20) had a minimum of 21 seasons of data, most had significantly more. I then picked some exceptional, yet somewhat arbitrarily low win percentage mark (35%) and determined how many teams experienced 21 season cumulative win percentages below that mark. The table of that information is below.

Team 21 Year Period Start 21 Year Period End Wins Losses Ties Win %
Cleveland Browns 1997 2018 100 235 1 29.91%
Cleveland Browns 1998 2019 101 234 1 30.21%
Cleveland Browns 1996 2017 104 232 1 30.95%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1975 1996 100 223 1 31.02%
Chicago Cardinals 1925 1946 65 147 15 31.94%
Chicago Cardinals 1938 1959 75 159 7 32.57%
Chicago Cardinals 1937 1958 75 158 7 32.71%
Cleveland Browns 1999 2020 110 225 1 32.89%
Cleveland Browns 1995 2016 111 225 0 33.04%
Chicago Cardinals 1926 1947 69 144 14 33.48%
Detroit Lions 2001 2022 113 222 2 33.83%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1978 1997 110 215 1 33.90%
Chicago Cardinals 1924 1945 70 144 16 33.91%
Chicago Cardinals 1936 1957 78 154 7 34.10%
New Orleans Saints 1966 1987 102 199 5 34.15%
Cleveland Browns 2000 2021 115 221 1 34.27%
Chicago Cardinals 1935 1956 78 153 8 34.31%
Chicago Cardinals 1934 1955 77 152 10 34.31%
Cleveland Browns 1992 2013 116 220 0 34.52%
Chicago Cardinals 1932 1953 77 150 10 34.60%
Chicago Cardinals 1933 1954 78 150 9 34.66%
St. Louis Cardinals 1939 1960 80 154 8 34.71%
Arizona Cardinals 1985 2006 116 218 1 34.78%
Arizona Cardinals 1984 2005 116 218 1 34.78%
Cleveland Browns 1994 2015 217 219 0 34.82%
So, as you can see, if I drew a team name and a season from a hat, with 1440 different possible combinations, there's only 10 team/season combos that would have had worse win percentages over 21 given seasons than what the Lions have done, and only 3 different teams (Tampa Bay, Chicago Cardinals, or Cleveland Browns). The Lions cumulative win percentage since I acquired season tickets is 33.83%. The part I find most amusing about this is that I could select any moment in Lions history to start having season tickets, and yet my particular 21 year journey has somehow been the worst possible 21 year journey of any Lions season ticket holder to date.
My Thoughts As is clear, 21 years is entirely arbitrary and really only relevant to me. I'm sure there have been various stretches of season ticket holding that have been substantially worse, and far more that have been substantially better. I just figured I'd share my personal experience through numbers, and maybe hear about other season ticket holders experiences with the lions in aggregate.
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2022.01.18 15:32 _uglyfruit Protein Anxiety

I thought I was doing so well with my recovery until I went to the grocery store last night to challenge fear foods. I had all these ideas about things to buy and then I freaked out and I didn't buy any of it. I'm now having a lot of anxiety about eating meals without protein. I really wanted to eat breakfast cereal again because I haven't had it in many years, but it scared me to eat a breakfast low in protein and high in sugar.
I tried to google for permission to eat I guess, but my googling just solidified my fears and now I'm terrified. Everything was talking about how horrible cereal is and even the Kahm Clinic which is an ED resource recommends 20 - 30 grams of protein for breakfast and said cereal and oatmeal are not good options. So now I'm freaked out about cereal and oatmeal.
Even if I decide not to incorporate "gentle nutrition" until later in recovery, I start to feel worried about the day the foods will get taken away from me. Like one day I'll have to do gentle nutrition and I'll never get to have cereal again. Can someone help me calm my anxiety about this? How bad is it really to have a low protein meal?
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2022.01.18 15:32 ProblemWinter8940 Classic

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2022.01.18 15:32 Borisica Vitamins for a 3 year old for immunity

Hey, hope this doesn't go against some rules of the sub, but what do you think would be the best immunity supplements for a 3 y.o. especially in the light of covid and no vaccine for this group agee (at least in my country). I'm giving a vit C, vit D and zinc syrup already but wondering if something else is safe for the age. Of course I will only buy the ones that are dedicated for this age group nothing else.
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