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This mf was lurking in my cereal.

Face Masks: We are still busy making comfortable face masks for your protection. Even as vaccines become available they remain the best way to keep you and your family safe, so check out our available styles here.. Attention: We’ve had a lot of people reaching out to us asking about product availability lately; the past 6 months or so have seen the largest demand for our bags that we’ve ... 15.Oct.2021 Revision on syllabuses from April 2022 onwards. Piano Grades 5-3. Sight Playing; Free Selection; Electone Grades 5-3. Sight Playing; Free Selection; 9.Oct.2020 Electone Model Used for Grades 5-3 has been updated.; 9.Oct.2020 Information on syllabuses from April 2021 onwards. Piano Grades 10-6 Electone Grades 10-6 "I'ma Shoot That MF" Husband Is A Hero For This.. Handles A Bobcat Like A Newborn & Then Throws The Animal After Attacking His Wife! 464,084 views "US Is The Only Country That Used Nuclear Bombs & Known For Slavery" Putin Rides With BLM... - agroparts ... start start ... If you're already a Vanguard client: Call 800-888-3751. Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Eastern time 实现国际商学院认证大满贯,我院成功通过AMBA认证 2021年4月30日,大连理工大学经济管理学院接到英国工商管理硕士协会AMBA(The Association of MBAs)正式通知,经认证委员... CAMS is India's largest Mutual Fund Transfer Agency that provides MF Services & Statements. Service partner to AIFs, Insurance Companies, Banks & NBFCs. Imgur ... download

2021.10.27 17:29 itsloganroy This mf was lurking in my cereal.

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2021.10.27 17:29 Eggs_Are_Kewl Anyone able to help

I've been playing Pokemon Diamond lately but every time I fight a Magikarp my game crashes and I have to restart. Anyone got a solution?
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2021.10.27 17:29 hatesfelix Has Brooklyn 99 got anyone else through tough time?

I’ve recently been really depressed, I don’t want to leave the house or anything but Brooklyn 99 brings me a little bit of joy. Just wanted to share with yall my experience.
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2021.10.27 17:29 BillAbbate How Small Problems Can Grow

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2021.10.27 17:29 PrincessBakiene Who Wants To Help Design A Tattoo For/With Me?

Over these next couple of weeks, I'm starting my own tattoo project and I'm going to be tattooing myself.
I have some pics and designs already that I'm hoping to use but I wanted to reach out to the community and ask, if anyone has any designs that they'd like me to look at and possibly tattoo on myself, I'd love to see what you have. If I see something I like, I will trace it and tattoo it on my skin.
My themes for designs would be anything related to alpacas/llamas, animals, I'd love a memorial tattoo for my grandad who passed away, dogs, Pokémon, video games (especially retro gaming), anything spiritual, zodiac/horoscopes (specifically Libra and Cancer), anything that represents mental health (such as surviving domestic abuse, suicide awareness/prevention, etc. I like the idea surrounding self harm butterflies), adventure time, Disney, cartoon characters, I also love anything cute, chibi and kawaii, I really love cute things like food with faces, like fruit with a cute face for example, I love cutesy animals, cutesy characters, especially anything chibi. I also want to have things that are themed and related to witches/witchcraft, paganism, Celtic/Scottish and Christianity.
Nothing too complex and intricate or realistic, as I'm not that skilled as an artist, but I'm really just looking for anything simple and easy
I must add, I don't have fountains of money.. I guess I am what you would classify "poor", at the moment, and I don't have the luxury of spending money however I like, unless its paying for food and rent, however, I will try to offer and make a small contribution to any of you for using your work, if you want payment, I can't afford much, but I'll try and put something towards it if you require payment, I will also take photos, if I use your artwork and publish it with your name and links to any of your pages, instas or social medias on my Facebook/Reddit/Insta.
If you have any artwork which fits with my themes, I'd love to see pictures in the comments or feel free to send me pictures via messenger if you don't want to post things publically.
Thanks 💜
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2021.10.27 17:29 Alternative-Method-8 Ps5 have multiple builds hmu

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2021.10.27 17:29 SeymenAllen 1000 ABONE <3

Nice 10000 Abonelere abim, Başarılarının devamını dilerim <3 ^- ^
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2021.10.27 17:29 nydk2000 2012 i7 vs 2020 M1?

I have a late 2012 Mac Mini i7, 2.3GHz, 16GB RAM, SSD, and external HD for media storage and am debating whether I should upgrade to the new Mac Mini (2020 M1, 16GB RAM). I seem to keep waiting until the 'next one' that is imminent and am pleasantly surprised that my i7 is still doing what I need. I was hoping for a new Mac Mini at the recent "Unleashed" event, but it looks like the next Apple event could be in March '22 (or Sep?). I do basic things (web, managing finances), do some minor photo editing, but would like to do some editing of home videos. Should I wait for the next Mac Mini, or should I just buy the M1? I think the M1 should be sufficient, but I'd hate to buy it and then have something newer / better come out in a couple of months. I don't mind waiting until March and spending a couple of hundred more... but there is no guarantees that there will be a new Mac Mini next year. Everything still works, but I worry that everything is almost 10 years old (except for new SSD that gave it new life). Thoughts?
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2021.10.27 17:29 Grey_15_Rocha GTA: The Definitive Edition price in Brazil is complete NONSENSE, being almost 30% of the minimum wage! Please, help us, brazilian fans, with this:

Here's the deal, GTA Trilogy is costing R$ 300,00 on consoles and R$320,00 on PC. The value of the game in Brazil is VERY high, being almost 30% of the minimum wage. So please guys, sign the petition to help and collaborate with Brazilians, getting a lower price in the game, and make Rockstar Game "wake up", and stop being so greedy with the entire gamer community in the world. Thank you!
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2021.10.27 17:29 infantry92 "There is NO glitch. Anyone on Reddit who says there is a glitch is wrong."

On my call today (45 minute hold before I reached someone), I told them my docs were signed on 10/10 and funding processed on 10/13. I had heard of a "glitch" and wanted to know if any new information was available.
The rep asked where I heard there was a glitch. I told her Reddit. She said that she was aware of the posts on Reddit describing a glitch but they were wrong. There is no glitch. It is simply a case of the larger amount taking longer to be "funded."
She told me that my increase was in the "funding" stage and not the "funded" stage. Since it is in the "funding" stage it simply has to be processed and they just don't know when that will be completed. This was the second time I heard a rep emphasize that my loan was in "funding" and not yet "funded."
Anyway, FWIW.
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2021.10.27 17:29 Bluest_waters FYI Avengers: Infinity War has the same IMDB rating, 8.4, as Apocalypse Now

Endgame has similar rating
so I guess these super hero moves are among the greatest movies ever made in history. I mean what other conclusion can you draw?
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2021.10.27 17:29 CanadianUsachan [Self] KDA Ahri by Canadian Usachan

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2021.10.27 17:29 elithecat Charmy Sigh

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2021.10.27 17:29 NeverRisen God

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2021.10.27 17:29 Severe-Ad3181 Does anyone recognize this specific photoshop brush?

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2021.10.27 17:29 sleepingdormousee Some of my favorite pics of Raven. She loves falling asleep watching TV with me

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2021.10.27 17:29 Mr_CockSwing Gim Zucky what he need

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2021.10.27 17:29 sp_exe Interview with Co-founder of Request on driving the adoption of B2B payments with crypto

▶️Watch this interview with the Co-founder of Request, Christophe Lassuyt, explaining how blockchain technology drives new use cases for B2B payments, the user adoption of the Request Invoicing app, and how it simplifies cross-border payments with digital currencies in a compliant manner:
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2021.10.27 17:29 aroundme Tim Rogers is a meme

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2021.10.27 17:29 AutoNewspaperAdmin [EU] - Could a technological fix save the planet from climate change? | France24

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2021.10.27 17:29 Charming-Sandwich686 Legit check! Urgent!

Legit check! Urgent! Hello, could someone help me checking if this crewneck is legit? It is from one of the older seasons so there are not too many pieces to compare the pictures to. I believe it is from FW19 and according to the seller it was bought at selfridges. It is being sold for 75 pounds.
Please let me know!! Thanks a lot!
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2021.10.27 17:29 ferengiprophet I bought a Yomega Fireball recently and it tilts towards the left while sleeping-- what is causing this disbalance?

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2021.10.27 17:29 Gelen75 Quick Question Regarding AGSU's

So I got issued AGSU's at basic but never wore them at graduation so I never received any ribbons or marksmanship badge. I am in ROTC and have a ceremony coming up where I need to where them. Does anyone know what ribbon(s) and badges I need to get for graduating BCT and nothing else?
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2021.10.27 17:29 itselfsearcher Day.25 Splat. ~pata~ ~pata~ ~pata~

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