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[H] Free DOOR DASH!!!, Doing free DoorDash orders!!! All we ask for is a vouch!!! [W] a vouch!

2021.10.27 16:50 TypicalFighter [H] Free DOOR DASH!!!, Doing free DoorDash orders!!! All we ask for is a vouch!!! [W] a vouch!

DM me for a free door dash order!!!!!
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2021.10.27 16:50 jeveuxalle iOS 15. 2 Beta 1 is released for developers.

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2021.10.27 16:50 aslfingerspell [Prompt Contest #6] Heroes of the Revolution is the best game about guerilla warfare I've ever played.

You want obscure? Here's a 2014 indie mobile game about the Cuban Revolution with exactly one metacritic review that leads to a 404 error page. The creators GamerNationX have not been heard from on Twitter since August 2015, their last YouTube video was posted 6 years ago, and their games are no longer on the App Store. There are no gameplay videos to be found online, in fact the only video I could find was the 7-year-old trailer.
Heroes of the Revolution isn't just obscura. It's straight-up abandonware, and not even popularly known abandonware in the sense of "The company went out of business, but there's downloads and torrents and fan remakes/remasters everywhere.". It's not even abandonware in the sense of "The game itself has not survived, but at least it's incredibly well-documented with tons of screenshots, videos, manuals, guides, discussion forums, etc."
This is a game that is tragically, unfindably gone on pretty much every level you can think of, and it's such a shame since it was one of the best wargames I've ever played. I only hope I can do it justice here.
The Problems Heroes of the Revolution Needed to Solve:
Last year, I posted a rant complaining about the dearth of good games about guerilla warfare, and HotR cannot be understood without first understanding what my gripes about the genre were.
Firstly, many games just don't have insurgents as a playable faction like Rebel Inc (certain custom scenarios notwithstanding) and Vietnam '65. I've always wanted the experience of playing against a far more powerful enemy using unconventional strategies, but these games just have different things in mind.
Secondly, a lot of games really just use guerilla warfare to theme a faction that's still playing by conventional rules. Take the Zann Consortium in Empire at War: Corruption is an interesting mechanic since it allows you to get bonuses from planets you don't control, but at the end of the day you're still a criminal syndicate that's fighting set-piece naval battles and land invasions. You may have some cool and sneaky abilities but you're ultimately fighting a conventional war with pitched battles over territory.
Now, how did HotR solve these issues? The first issue was solved simply by the revolutionaries being playable, but the second was solved through several methods.
HotR presents truly asymmetrical gameplay for a real guerilla warfare experience. By starting out completely outnumbered and outgunned with no need to hold onto territory, the game encourages insurgent-style gameplay: spreading out, staying mobile, building up your forces rather than managing land, and using what little advantages you do have to fight back however you can.
Starting Small and Weak (And I Mean SMALL):
The Cuban regime already starts the game with every single unit type: Armored Cars and Tanks are fast and powerful, Artillery and Snipers decimate from long range, Commandos shred in close combat, etc. They have dozens of units all over the island, and continue to receive reinforcements throughout the game.
On the other hand, you start out with exactly 4 units: 3 Irregulars (garbage-tier infantry) and Che Guevara himself as a hero unit.
To make thing even worse, the government forces get bonuses in combat while yours get penalties. As you destroy enemy units and take territory your "Revolutionary Spirit" will increase and you'll get the bonuses while they'll take the penalties, but Revolutionary Spirit starts the game at 0.
All of this goes to say that direct confrontation with the Cuban regime is suicidal in the early game. The only unit that can even think of confronting any Cuban unit head-on is Che himself, and even then you have to use hit and run tactics to avoid being destroyed. To put this another way, your hero unit is about on par with the enemy's regular units at the start of the game.
However, this isn't a problem because...
The Regime Needs To Hold Onto Territory, But You Don’t
Guerilla warfare is fundamentally asymmetrical, meaning both sides are using different methods or goals. This is why so many games fail at portraying insurgencies: it doesn't matter how you theme a faction if the end of the day victory and defeat work mechanically the same.
It doesn't matter how many stealth units or tunnels the GLA can build: the goal of any Command & Conquer faction is to build their base and destroy the enemy's base. It doesn't matter that the Spanish guerillas in Napoleon: Total War have a bigger deployment zone during unit placement: a TW faction is destroyed when all its cities are taken, and destroys others by taking all their cities.
Having to defend territory or bases means fighting pitched battles against massed enemy forces, which is a very un-guerilla thing to do.
On the other hand, the the only way to lose HotR is if all your units are destroyed. You don't start the game with any territory, and any cities or villages you take from the government can be abandoned without penalty. This has several important implications that work amazingly with other mechanics.
Firstly, it means the Cuban regime is spread out defending dozens of potential targets, while you can focus on staying mobile, which benefits from two mechanics: the extra action point your units get if they’re adjacent to a hero unit, and getting a free unit every time you take a location.
Getting a free unit for just taking a location means that you can abandon them the very next turn and get resources even if they’re immediately recaptured. You can evade enemy forces and head for undefended villages and outposts, walk in, then walk out with more forces. If a Cuban unit garrisoning a village leave to chase one of your units, then another can walk into the now-undefended village, adding a third unit to the cause.
The extra action point heroes give to adjacent revolutionary units means they can move or shoot 3 times per turn instead of the usual 2, making it easier to escape the enemy or get to a juicy target. The extra action point also means that units can fire up to 3 times per turn instead of just 1-2, which gives them a sorely needed advantage to combat in the early game.
With the Cuban regime not having enough units to defend everywhere at once, some locations will be undefended, and since you get free units just for taking locations, it means you don’t have to hold onto them and can keep moving. Should you come across a defended location it'll likely be defended by only a single unit, allowing you can bring in Che, try to swarm them with a lot of weaker units, or bombard them at a distance using Mortars.
Of course, the game would be boring if it was just running units around the map and not actually fighting, which is why...
Multiple Mechanics Help You Expand In Power:
Taking villages to gain more Irregulars is nice, but it won’t win the war. The ultimate goal of the revolutionaries is to capture the 3 cities in Cuba (forgot which ones), but they can’t do that until they weaken the Cuban regime to take those cities or build themselves up to assault them head-on.
HotR has no shortage of mechanics to help you out with this.
Firstly, you have hero units. You start the game with just 1 (Che Guevara), but even just 1 hero unit is a huge force multiplier. Not only do they have incredibly high stats and can attack enemies 2 spaces away, they have 3 action points instead of the usual 2, which means they can move towards an enemy unit, attack them, and retreat to a safe distance all in the same turn. As said before, hero units also give adjacent units a third action point as well. While Che still needs to be careful, his sheer firepower and mobility allows you to launch hit and run attacks to whittle down Cuban forces.
Each hero also has a special ability, with Che’s being particularly useful in the early game. Every time he attacks, there is a small chance for his revolutionary charisma to convert the enemy to your side. It’s risky, but if you can manage to nab a Tank or Artillery unit with this, you might as well just win the game right there.
There are no heroes on the government’s side, while the revolutionaries have 4 heroes: Che which you get at the start of the game and the other 3 from taking cities. Fidel Castro’s medical knowledge heals adjacent units each turn, someone else I couldn’t remember is a logistics expert which allows them to redo missed combat rolls, and I don’t know who the fourth one is because there’s only 3 cities and you win after taking all 3 of them.
Secondly, you have the Revolutionary Spirit meter. While it starts at 0 at the start of the game, giving penalties to your units and bonuses to the enemy, taking territory and destroying government units will increase it to the point where you’re now the one getting the bonuses.
Thirdly, while abandoning territory is perfectly fine since you’ll still have your free unit from taking it in the first place, maintaining control over an area gives even greater benefits. After a few turns holding a settlement or base you can upgrade it to provide bonuses; perhaps a Guerilla Radio to increase Revolutionary Spirit by +1 each turn, or a Machinegun Nest to give nearby units a Soft Attack bonus. Settlements under your control will also continually pump out new units, with larger settlements granting more powerful ones like Mortars and Armored Cars.
Fourthly, there is a unit upgrade system. Preserving your forces is already your #1 priority since losing all of them means you lose the game (i.e. as opposed to a game like Total War where you can lose all your units but still have settlements and build more armies), but the game goes out of its way to reward you for it by giving you an upgrade to movement, attack, or defense after every successfully destroyed enemy unit.
Fifthly and finally, there is also a Mission mechanic, where completing certain tasks grants bonuses. You might be asked to escort a unit to a certain location, destroy a specific enemy unit, take a certain settlement, and so on. The rewards for missions include things like delaying reinforcements or providing movement or combat bonuses.
All these mechanics combined means that by the mid-game, you’ll be a whole order of magnitude more powerful than at the start and fully capable of engaging the enemy head-on. You’ll have 2, possibly 3 hero units from taking cities leading a few dozen other units (some of them powerful ones) from Che’s charisma or taking various villages, outposts, and bases. Your Revolutionary Spirit will be higher, giving you bonuses instead of penalties. You’ll have started to hold territory and kill enemy units, giving upgraded settlements and forces.
Criticism and Conclusion:
By having the player initially focused on mobility and survival rather than fighting and holding onto territory, HotR encouraged a guerilla mindset of opportunism and hit-and-run attacks rather than fighting pitched battles. By offering asymmetrical advantages like hero units and settlement bonuses, it allowed the player to strengthen the cause and grow powerful enough to fight back.
Whereas most games offer only just themes or a handful of different mechanics for a “guerilla” faction, HotR is the only game that truly made me feel like I was up against a much more powerful foe and could only survive through indirect means. To this day HotR gives the best feeling for guerilla warfare I’ve ever felt in a game. While the game is lost, I hope I’ve laid out what made it work.
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2021.10.27 16:50 Asterisk799 LF: Event offers FT: Go Meloetta (can do Custom OT)

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2021.10.27 16:50 Hot-Bath-9817 Do you think that Quantum computing can break Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain?

Quantum computing has been on the tech radar for some time now, but it has also been lurking in the background of the blockchain ecosystem for very different reasons. The new advancement of computing allows for complex equations and problems to be solved exponentially quicker than is currently available.

It has always been predominantly a futuristic, almost science fiction-like pursuit, for blockchain that has been just fine as well because we have been warned that quantum computation could render existing encryption standards obsolete, threatening the security of every significant blockchain.

QAN is developing a full-featured quantum-resistant smart contract platform straight off the bat. It’s also using a different variant of post-quantum cryptography called lattice-based cryptography, which is believed to provide some of the strongest quantum resistance.

In a nutshell, the QAN platform is innovative Proof of Randomness (PoR) consensus mechanism is able to achieve high transaction throughputs in an energy-efficient manner, while at the same time supporting multiple developer languages. Moreover, the QANplatform has been built to counter the threats of advanced computing capacities of the future – notably Quantum computing attacks.

The experienced team behind QANplatform worked in companies and projects like PwC, IBM, Deutsche Telekom, Uber,, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash...
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2021.10.27 16:50 swejeager Make a friend again

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2021.10.27 16:50 Asia_Motta_99 mystical forest fairy

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2021.10.27 16:50 Practical_Bet_1188 Shib-fantastic let’s go!!!

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2021.10.27 16:50 fukuchgdfgdfg 🌎 $Moonbird: bitcoin monetary policy, on a bird, to the moon |💎 New gem | 🚀Next x100 |💎Pre CMC & CG | 💲 25m marketcap | ⚖️ Governance system | 5000 holders | 🤝Charity|⛏️Mining| 💰 Innovative marketing strategy| Strong Community | Fair launched

Get all the latest news in relation to the amazing 🌎 Moonbird. Join their community!
💲Where to buy? Moonbird 💲
👉 What is MoonBird token exactly?
MoonBird combines yield farming with a community-driven charity in the best possible way. It operates in the Binance Smart Chain network and it's created to be an everlasting DAO, that keeps a fine balance between all components needed to give to those in need while earning at the same time!
👉 We borrowed the best aspects of Bitcoin's monetary policy:
· 21,000,000 maximum supply
· Halving every 210,000 blocks
And then, combine them with the finest sauce of perfectly balanced token economics.
👉 Security:
Audits: We are consistently and actively pursuing continual auditing to make sure MoonBird remains a safe and reliable platform. Here are the details on all of our audits to date!
Time-lock: A timelock contract is in place with a 24-hour transaction delay time. The MBIRD token and the mining pools will be behind such Timelock for enhanced security.
Liquidity locked: Upon launch, the dev team used 52,500 MBIRD, pair it with BNB, add it to the MBIRD-BNB pool (105,000 USD liquidity) and lock it.
Vesting: Protocol tokens are split in two. Treasury/Operations and Marketing. Both of these token bags are behind a linear vesting token release scheme.
📌 Symbol: MBIRD
Emission rate:
· Halving - This is where Bitcoin monetary policy comes in. We implement an emission rate of 30 MBIRD per block that halves every 210,000 blocks. Meaning that every 7.3 days, the MBIRD per block is reduced in half (halving).
· 0.25% will be in the initial liquidity for the fair launch, $105,000 of liquidity locked
· 4.875% will be for the Treasury wallet on a 12-month linear vesting
· 4.875% will be for the Marketing wallet on a 3-month linear vesting
· The remaining 90% will be distributed following the halving schedule in the form of staking rewards
💰 Automatic Liquidity: 2%
🔥 Automatic Burn: 1%
💲 Reflect: 1%
📌Charity: 1%
💲 Anti Whale: 2%
👉 NFT collectibles are coming up in the near future:
The funds collected with NFTs will be used in a perpetual buyback and burn fund, which consists in staking a token (still not confirmed but probably cake and banana) and using the rewards to buy back MBIRD and burn it
👉 Charity Program:
Together we can be the community that provides a mouthful of oxygen to those in need, through the WaterAid Foundation.
🌐Whitepaper done? Yes!
📍 Coin Gecko listing
📍 CoinMarketCap listing
📍 1000 Holders
📍 5000 Twitter followers
📍 1000 Telegram members
📍 Twitter campaign
📍 25 million market cap
📍 Governance system
📍 5000 holders
📍Team growth
📍 Trust wallet integration
📍 Cex listing
📍 10B market cap
📍 Moon landing
📈Contract address on BSC:
🔗 Join the community and feel the great vibe!
Moonbird token’s team has given you a wide variety of social platforms that you can engage with and communicate with other people in the project. Right there you can contact the team and ask them anything you feel like it! I have done it myself and they are flawless in their response.
🌐 Website:
📱 Telegram:
🕊 Twitter:
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2021.10.27 16:50 Grimreaper10161 40 [m4f] Indiana~ You have 48 hours left on earth. What do you do?"

Hello and how are you? I'm just looking for a friend to get me though the boredom of everyday life. My zen is music especially heavy metal and love horror movies. I describe my personality as happy go lucky and shy at first but I do eventually come out of my cocoon
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2021.10.27 16:50 BattyBatBatBat "I'm walking on egg shelves, Woah-Oh!"

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2021.10.27 16:50 LurkerNooby How to sing like this and what is this style of singing called?

I hear it sometimes in country and I thought it was like a voice cracking fast into head voice or a mixed voice with some texture but I don't think that's quite it and I can't figure out exactly what it is and how they make it, and I really want to be able to sing like this. Here's examples of what I'm talking about.
-In this song:
-And in this song sporadically especially in the beginning when he says Daddy I really can't figure it out exactly what he's doing with his voice:
If anyone could help me out that'd be more than appreciated
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2021.10.27 16:50 randymoss1000 Does anyone have a basketball hoop? I’ll trade whatever or pay

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2021.10.27 16:50 amodelmerol Restaurante mexicano rechaza nominación de The World’s 50 Best por fomentar abuso y sexismo

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2021.10.27 16:50 Perri2109 I’ve been told these are not Liberty caps like I was hoping can anyone identify these are they edible wouldn’t want them to go to waste

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2021.10.27 16:50 Windigroo7 WPSIA Tournament: Round 59

If I’m correct, this are the two slowest songs in the album right? Does it count as a derby?
Poll lasts one day, vote your favorite?
View Poll
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2021.10.27 16:50 dirrtyremixes Emre Turkes - Masai [FLSHT004]

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2021.10.27 16:50 theoriginalamanda Relationship coming to an end

I've been in basically an internet relationship for the last 6 months. I say basically because, while we've met up a few times, our schedules are very different which makes things difficult so most of our interactions have been online. We used to talk all day every day. He told me he loved me frequently and could see marrying me one day. Then the I love you's stopped. Messages from him became fewer and more far between and he's been quite distant with no explanation. Everything came to a screeching halt yesterday. I messaged him asking how he was doing and his reply was "I just want to be left alone". I said okay and left it at that. I mean, I don't want to be anywhere I'm unwanted. I know feelings change, and I'm okay with that, I just wish he would tell me what's going on so I can set my expectations accordingly. I don't even know what the point of this post is, I'm just sad and confused.
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2021.10.27 16:50 MojoJojo188 This was the last bunch of bananas left on the supermarket shelf today - one was overripe while the rest were still green.

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