Is it alright to write a POC and forgo their culture if it’s a sci-fi way into the future? Or should I still write the character with their culture?

2021.10.27 16:02 toble_roni Is it alright to write a POC and forgo their culture if it’s a sci-fi way into the future? Or should I still write the character with their culture?

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2021.10.27 16:02 SkylerModder I'm curious: why Atheism, instead of Ignosticism?

Simply put, I'm often puzzled by how athiests here and elsewhere are so sure god(s) don't exist but also mock theists who are so sure that such things do exist, with both sides having neither the ability to prove their view nor even a functional definition to work from. It feels like both sides exhibit the exact same arrogance but from opposite directions.
For those unaware, ignosticism - also called igtheism and theological noncognitivism - is the position that religious language, particularly theological terminology such as "God", is not intelligible or meaningful, and thus sentences like "God exists" are cognitively meaningless.
For instance, consider if something like Simulation Theory were true. In that scenario, the universe may be nothing more than data inside some extra-dimensional computer and "god" simply a scientist or technician observing it. In that scenario, "god" could be said to be real but unimportant since they may not know or care that we're here and may even just be doing a bland study on galactic structures for their college degree. That's just one possibility among many, and all with no way for us to know or prove (either completely, or we lack the technology).
So, if you don't mind me asking, why?
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2021.10.27 16:02 trufalse Mullah Omar’s son and IEA defence minister mullah Yaqoob first speech: لوی ملاصاحب زوی ملا یعقوب اخوند لومړی ځل راڅرګندشو

Mullah Omar’s son and IEA defence minister mullah Yaqoob first speech: لوی ملاصاحب زوی ملا یعقوب اخوند لومړی ځل راڅرګندشو submitted by trufalse to Afghan [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 16:02 feross Picking colors of any pixel on the screen with the EyeDropper API

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2021.10.27 16:02 python_hack3r Gains report

Raise your hand if you’ve made more than 10K today. 50K? 100K?
Yes, yes, technically it was over 3 days…
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2021.10.27 16:02 AKAMilton Using FSIQ for pairwise comparisons on WISC-V

Today I finished up testing with a second grader that has been showing a lot of work defiance. This was the third session and all I needed to do was Picture Span and Symbol Search. While the other two days I could hold his attention for a few subtests right off the bat I could tell he wasn't going to be cooperative. I don't think I can really consider Picture Span valid because he was already asking to go back to class by the second item and didn't seem to really try (he scored a 3). In this case would it be better to use the FSIQ rather than the MSS-P to determine index strengths and weaknesses since the two tests I administered today aren't included in the FSIQ?
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2021.10.27 16:02 elitired my shimeji collection continues.

my shimeji collection continues.
I'm planning on getting as many deltarune shimejis as i can >:3
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2021.10.27 16:02 333ml I want to replace my ASUS GU501GM battery but I can only find 15 Volts battery whereas my charger says 19 Volts.

I want to replace my laptop's battery, found a model online that says:
TsuLin C41N1727 Laptop Battery 15.4V 55Wh 3500mAh
My charger says the following
Will this cause a problem for the battery and the laptop? Or will it work fine? It seems to me the original battery in the laptop is also 15, I ordered a set of screwdrivers and will check when they arrive.
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2021.10.27 16:02 kavish-sh Can't understand the logic of the code. Especially after the main function

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2021.10.27 16:02 RTown112358 Who's my honey roasted ham?

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2021.10.27 16:02 intakala Authorized daycare of BC Affordable Child Care Benefit for general workers

We have a question regarding the calculation of authorized daycares of BC Affordable Childcare Benefit. The government only approved the care within 9 to 5 and refused to pay any care after that, and it was applied to everyone in BC (based on what the agent said). Is it legal if we, unfortunately, have to work the shifts outside of that timeframe (such as working in the restaurant, warehouse, etc), we won’t be eligible for any pennies?
The processing time:
We called them several times and even emailed to minister, but she did not reply to us. The application has been processed for 2 months and has recently been approved. Although we have been registered our daughter for full-time childcare, they only approved for 15 half days and 1 full day per month.
Our situation:
I have to stop working since my work permit expired and currently looking for a job after receiving my PR. My spouse was in the same situation, since she could not find a job that matched her experience, she had to start working in the restaurant with a flexible schedule. Her schedule is around 30 hours of 5 days per week, more than 4 hours per day of both day and night shifts. Since this industry is not fully recovered, the schedule is uncertain.
The decision:
The decision came after waiting for 60 days of processing time. The approval continues until the end of February with only 15 half days and 1 full day approved. Over the phone today, the agent confirmed that because my spouse worked in the hospitality industry that the schedule is outside of the daycare business, she only is eligible for half days or less.
Having been living in BC for more than 10 years, and bearing the full cost of daycare for 3 years since her daughter 6-month, we are quite surprised how this province treats us. I have read the regulation (, and cannot figure out how they come to this conclusion. Probably we have to ask for an adjustment in the schedule or find another job, in other to be eligible for the BC Affordable Childcare Benefit.
If you have a legal background on this issue, please have some advice for us.
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2021.10.27 16:02 BostonUni01 25 [M4F] #Brighton - Halloween fun?

Hey, my name is Andy and would love to meet up sometime this week or weekend. I am looking for a woman to have a good time with. I am 5'7, well hung, 140 pounds, blue eyes and brown hair. I'm also clean shaven, ddf(exception is 420) and just looking for a great time.
If it helps,one of my favorite things is having your thighs as my ear warmers ;)
Its spooky szn so might as well enjoy it together! I can also send a pic to verify I'm real so please do the same and hope to hear from you! If you want any other details let me know :). Feel free to message me! Please do note I cannot host!
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2021.10.27 16:02 Dr_Singularity Chinese scientists have developed Flexible Doppler ultrasound device for the monitoring of blood flow velocity

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2021.10.27 16:02 PawKneeKnee These curtains are all the same swatch…

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2021.10.27 16:02 Eridsthrowaway101 Moooore sticks (and beams)

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2021.10.27 16:02 PMBobAndVegene Why are regular apples kinda meh but everything apple related is good af?

Applesauce, apple cider, apple pie, etc…
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2021.10.27 16:02 sjanevardsson One Good Deed

Originally posted at Reedsy
“Have we got a navigation solution, Chip?” The pilot rushed through his pre-flight checks.
“Affirmative. I am unable to activate, however. I apologize, Stefan.”
“I understand. Manual entry and activation.”
“Attention, cargo vessel Uragon: you are to immediately power down your warp generator until you reach minimum clearance distance of one-hundred-thirty thousand kilometers.”
“Sorry, no time to talk.” He switched off the comm. As soon as his warp generator spooled up, he tapped the console, shooting off at maximum speed.
“Okay, Chip. You can take over now without violating any regs.”
“Navigation control regained. We will break super-C in three hours, twenty-seven minutes.”
“I hope we get there in time.” Stefan released the harness holding him in the pilot’s chair and stood to stretch.
“It is possible that the Defense Force may get an escort there before us,” Chip said, its voice neither masculine nor feminine. Like all navigation AIs, Chip’s voice was designed to be unmistakable and easily understood.
“Just because a thing is possible, doesn’t make it probable,” Stefan replied. “If a carrier is going to get there first, they need to leave the system in the next thirty minutes. I don’t see it happening.”
“I agree with your assessment,” Chip said, “as the only escort in system was in dock for fueling and provisions.”
“My husband’s going to kill me when we get back, though.”
“Should I prepare a message to have police protection when we return?”
“I didn’t mean literally, Chip. It’s a figure of speech,” Stefan said as he walked through the ship to the cargo area. “It means he’s going to be angry with me.”
“Are you planning on bringing them aboard when you get there?”
“Not unless their ship is fatally compromised. There’s no room in the hold for even a small shuttle.” He began moving the cargo around to get at the oxygen he was meant to deliver. “I just want to buy them some time.”
“Are you going to give the oxygen to them?”
“As much as they need, until the escort gets there.”
“And this is why your husband will be angry?”
“It’ll hurt our finances, sure,” he said, “but I think the fine for breaking the minimum warp distance will be big thing. I might even lose my license over it.”
“Your record is clean up to today. According to Federation law, you will be given a warning, and your license will be revoked if you get another violation in the next eighteen months.”
“Thanks for clearing that up, Chip.” Stefan stacked the oxygen in the airlock. “It also depends on the judge, though. I was less than a thousand kilometers from the station when I warped. They might take that as reckless.”
“Prepare for exit from super-C, twelve minutes and counting.”
Stefan made his way back to the pilot’s chair and strapped himself in. He keyed in the commands to start all the scanners and held his hand above the console. As the dull grey of super-C flashed bright white and returned to the view of normal space, he tapped the console to activate the scanners.
“Thirteen-hundred-forty-one kilometers, heading one-three-zero by seven-four by one-six-point-one,” Chip said. “Course laid in.”
“Maximum sub-light, full burn with mid-flight flip.”
“Engaging. High-gee maneuvers, Stefan.”
Stefan nodded, as extensions from the seat wrapped around his legs, squeezing them tight. He forced his breath while it felt like an elephant sat on his chest. The gravity plating was not of the sort that the military used, so it couldn’t do much for the nine gravities he was subjecting himself to.
At the halfway point, he took big gulps of air and prepared to repeat the procedure for the slow-down portion of the trip. The ship went into full burn again to slow down. Tunnel-vision told him he was close to passing out.
When he thought he wouldn’t be able to take it any longer, it ended as with a sudden moment of weightlessness before the gravity plating returned the ship to one gee.
Without wasting any time, Stefan unbuckled and ran for the airlock. “Hail them and dock, Chip.”
“Affirmative. I have positive hail from the Timbe, four people, all unconscious. Airlock docked.”
Stefan cycled the airlock and watched as the outer door of the other ship opened at the other end of the short tunnel. The air that poured out from the crippled ship set off his CO2 alarm.
“Chip, where is their oxygen connect?”
“Three meters to the right of the inner airlock door.”
Stefan connected one of the oxygen canisters, and opened another wide. “Not the best way, but the quickest to get some oxygen in here. Timbe AI, where are the crew?”
“They are on the bridge,” the Timbe’s AI responded.
Carrying one of the tanks of oxygen, Stefan followed the signs to the bridge. Once there, he opened the oxygen canister and removed their emergency oxygen masks. As they came around, he made sure they were aware of what was happening and then returned to change out more of their oxygen tanks.
The FDF escort vessel Bright Harbor arrived more than three hours later. It was like a space-faring port, capable of docking a large ship and warping to a destination with that ship attached. Stefan returned to his ship and undocked so the escort could lock the Tembe into its docking port.
“No good deed…. I’ll probably be arrested when we get back,” he said.
“The law is clear,” Chip said, “that it would be a fine.”
“Unless they want to call it reckless endangerment.”
Stefan returned to the station at a more leisurely pace, arriving after five hours in super-C. He made sure to exit well outside the warp exclusion limit and hail the station for docking. As expected, he was arrested as soon as he docked and stepped off the ship.
After two days in a cell, he was brought before a judge. He had a public defender there he hadn’t yet met, and across from her sat the Federation prosecuting attorney. The four crew from the Tembe were present, along with the executive officer from the Bright Harbor. A woman he couldn’t identify, dressed in an obviously expensive suit, sat with them in the area reserved for witnesses.
“Prisoner Stefan Inholt, you are charged with the following crimes. Ignoring minimum safe distance for warp with reckless endangerment, first class. Maximum sentence: two years and revocation of your piloting license for life. Theft of goods in transit, aggravated second class. Maximum sentence: one year. Prosecution, you may make your case.”
The prosecutor rose, and looked at Stefan, where he stood in the block, before looking back to the judge. “Your honor, prosecution would like to drop the charge for ignoring minimum safe distance for warp. The Tembe sent a distress call from a distance of thirty-one light hours, with only thirty-three hours of oxygen left on board. The extra hour it would have taken the accused to get to minimum safe distance would have resulted the death of the crew.”
The judge looked to the defense attorney for their nod of approval and banged her gavel. “Removed: ignoring safe minimum distance with reckless endangerment, first class. Moving on to theft of goods in transit, aggravated second class.”
“Prosecution calls Maria Obele, the client for whom the goods were being delivered.”
“I remind you that you are under oath to speak only the truth to the court,” the judge said.
Maria stood and cleared her throat. “Your honor, had I known the circumstances, I would not have lodged a complaint.”
The prosecutor raised a hand. “Citizen Obele, what was the value of the goods missing from your delivery?”
“About a hundred credits. But, as I already stated, had I known the circumstances—”
“Citizen Obele,” the prosecutor cut in, “did you or did you not lose cargo in transit?”
“Objection,” the defense attorney said. “If the aggrieved wishes to remove the charges, they should be allowed.”
One of the crew of the Tembe stood. “Your honor, I know this is irregular, but my crew and I are willing to pay for the oxygen that Citizen Inholt used to save our lives.”
The judge pounded her gavel. “You have not been called upon to speak yet. Maria Obele, do you wish to drop the charge of theft of goods in transit, aggravated second class?”
“Yes, your honor, I do.” She turned toward the Tembe crew seated next to her and smiled. “And I do not seek remuneration.”
“Prosecutor, the aggrieved has stated their desire to remove the charge of theft of goods in transit, aggravated second class.”
The prosecutor frowned. “Prosecution drops the charge of theft of goods in transit, aggravated second class.”
“No further charges. Citizen Stefan Inholt, you are free to go. This session is adjourned.” The judge banged her gavel and Stefan was led out of the block and released into the station.
Stefan walked onto his ship. “Hey, Chip, I’m back.”
“Welcome, Stefan. Have you been fined?”
“Nope, it seems that maybe…sometimes, at least one good deed does go unpunished.”
“Why would a good deed be punished in the first place?”
“It’s a figure of speech, Chip. Don’t worry about it.” Stefan fired up his comm and began scrolling. “Now to find a load to haul. Regardless of what she says, I’m paying Obele back for her oxygen. And we aren’t mentioning any of this to my husband when we get back home.”
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2021.10.27 16:02 eggarino Reasons to Fully Complete Susan’s Museum?

Aside from getting the bonuses and everything, does anyone know if there are additional dialogues with her after? Would love to see her have a change of heart if she realizes she will be completely alone after this. Still think she’s a funny character regardless lol
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2021.10.27 16:02 crzone FOTO Au apărut imagini din Egipt cu președintele Klaus Iohannis, în voiaj la Piramide. Românii aflați în vacanță, dați la o parte să se pozeze echipa prezidențială

FOTO Au apărut imagini din Egipt cu președintele Klaus Iohannis, în voiaj la Piramide. Românii aflați în vacanță, dați la o parte să se pozeze echipa prezidențială submitted by crzone to Romania [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 16:02 ezechielare 11/19 eclipse Sun conjunct natal Chiron + Moon+Progressed Moon opposing them😬 I am lowkey scared, what could happen that day?

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2021.10.27 16:02 BurningBernie559 Jack has been very naughty

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2021.10.27 16:02 Rispyy First video

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2021.10.27 16:02 Codeeveryday123 Wines that will increase?

What regions, should i look into for wines to increase rather quickly?
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2021.10.27 16:02 Insomnia6033 Blood Snow - 9 Bees of Illian

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2021.10.27 16:02 lilmango91 When you preform … ?

Do you practice a routine or ~flow?~
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