Roommate for January Bolc

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2021.10.27 17:16 No-Advantage3801 Roommate for January Bolc

Hey everyone reaching out here to try and find a possible roommate for bolc (January 3). I got a couple places that could work and we can talk it over to see if we’d get along. Hit me in the dms.
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2021.10.27 17:16 thejordanproject Time Capsule: During the much talked about breakfast with Giannis and Coach Bud, Khris ate...

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2021.10.27 17:16 theUnholyVenom Do you eat pizza with a knife and fork?

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2021.10.27 17:16 qazmlpfghcvb Enjoying the night

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2021.10.27 17:16 SashaGreysAnalWarts Know someone missing a kitten?

We live around the Booker T Washington park area and found a black and white kitten.
This kitten came up to our house in the middle of the night, crying to get in. I took it to check if it was chipped, and it is not. The vet and I believe it must have belonged to someone because it is VERY, VERY friendly and calm and seems well fed. Vet said it's a female.
Already posted in the nextdoor app and got no hits.
Inb4 "congrats on your new cat". I already have 3 and can't keep adding to the collection.
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2021.10.27 17:16 CardboardChampion Steal A Feature From Another Game

You're on the development team of Starfield and the game is almost done. You're tasked with coming up with a cool feature already proven in another game to include. What is it?
I'd go with the quest waypoints from The Sinking City. In that game each waypoint has details about where to go or who to see, and it's up to you to place them on the map in the right place. Wherever you place them, that's what appears on your Skyrim style compass. Not been to a city or planet where you need to place a waypoint? Just drop it in the approximate area on the blank parts of the map and head out.
I'd also probably go with the Rest ability from Red Dead Redemption 2. In that game, when you're not on a mission, you can hold Y/Triangle to drop down to one knee and open a simple crafting menu where you can create things that you don't normally need extra help like a campfire to make. It's a neat ability handled in real time so that you can make the most of waiting for a mission giver to become available.
How about you, new developers? What are we stealing for the game?
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2021.10.27 17:16 texmex2323 No one should care about broke apps! Stay calm and HODL fam (or buy!) 🙌💎🐕💪

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2021.10.27 17:16 AkatoshWB When your evil twin causes a traffic jam

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2021.10.27 17:16 harperg1313 Such a poor choice of words

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2021.10.27 17:16 U2_PIZZABOX Minors for Architecture

Hello, I am a first year undergrad student majoring in architecture and have to declare a minor next semester. I am not really sure what would work best currently looking into sustainability and built environment or urban and regional planning. If anyone has any information regarding any of this it would be greatly appreciated
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2021.10.27 17:16 elliotLoLerson Get hired as a junior developer after spending the first 10 years of my career maintaining other people's Legacy Code

It seems like every job I take, I am basically stuck doing bitchwork maintaining someone else's legacy code while everyone else on the team does actual software development.
I should have been spending time on the side learning dotnet and react or something, but wasn't self aware enough to realize that I was being pigeonholed into learning unmarketable, obscure skills which would hinder the rest of my career.
Now I'm worried that I won't be able to find a job anywhere else if I try to jump ship. All of the knowledge I have is basically useless vendor purchased solutions that no one uses. And at this point I'm too old to be taken seriously for a junior developer position.
I feel stuck. With how much technical debt there is floating around out there I can't be the only one in this situation.
Has anyone else successfully crawled out of something like this?
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2021.10.27 17:16 Clay103 Milwaukee M12 Tire Inflator.

Anybody have one and how do you like it? Looking to pick one up but the only 12V batteries I have are two 1.5 amps for my rotary tool. Do you think it would be wise to pick up a 4 or a 6 amp to go with it?
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2021.10.27 17:16 broahconstrictorr thank u, thank u

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2021.10.27 17:16 jjrivera787 New guy here

So, finally I got my first orientation date and the driving safe lessons for next week. Also a union member paperwork as well, after this, when is showtime so I can tell my other job bye bye.
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2021.10.27 17:16 jack-of-all-trades1 LC

Are earnings out? That shit flying already.
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2021.10.27 17:16 BiggieDDD [FREE FOR PROFIT] Nardo Wick x GetRichZay Type Beat 2021 - "Shooter"

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2021.10.27 17:16 Jamaicannoobs new brawlhalloween pack for prime gaming

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2021.10.27 17:16 madthouse Requesting for a GRE waiver

Can anyone advise on requesting for a GRE waiver? What can I expect? Also what possibly can I write excluding pandemic to demonstrate sufficiently that GRE can be waived for me? Thank you.
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2021.10.27 17:16 10incher10 From current stream

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2021.10.27 17:16 ItShouldBeMeese26 Teacher Was Sick And I Need Some Resassurance Pronto

So let me just give a brief disclaimer: I will be using the full unabbreviated words for “s” and “nv” so if you find those triggering, it would be wise to check out other posts or stop reading.
So yesterday my teacher was out and we had a substitute. The substitute said the teacher had gotten sick in the previous period. I was getting quite anxious, but I tried to avoid assumption. I washed my hands thoroughly once I had the chance. Today comes around and my teacher is back in. They said they were actually, physically sick and had to go home and were sick at home several times after. They said that it was probably noro and were feeling better. The only time I came close to coming into contact with them was when they walked by my desk to maybe a foot away or they passed out papers and I may have touched the part of the paper they touched. I sanitized my hands and then again washed them when I had the chance but I don’t know how watered-down school soap is. I don’t want to get sick. Is it at all possible? I’m scared.
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2021.10.27 17:16 CougFanDan 2022 season start leak in app?

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2021.10.27 17:16 chrisjbillington Per state vaccination coverage by age group as of October 27th. With projected dates for 16+ and 12+ coverage targets in comments.

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2021.10.27 17:16 Lincoln21234456 Top 5 Natural Gas Stocks To Buy This Winter Season

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2021.10.27 17:16 Awake_TR Kim alır ?

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2021.10.27 17:16 Whole-Virus-8514 [Chinese > English] Can someone please translate this?

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