Un titolo interessante

2021.10.27 15:30 LASER200MILA Un titolo interessante

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2021.10.27 15:30 AinslieBM I think my spot can take a break, until next year!

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2021.10.27 15:30 dimensionargentina I have some vegetable seeds without label. Can you help me identify the seeds?

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2021.10.27 15:30 Hehe-Miss-Boits I've applied the ACS patch but I still get an error in the VM logs

Hi. I split my iommu groups. I tried passing through my USB controller but I got this error:

Cannot reset device 0000:03:00.0, depends on group 15 which is not owned. 
I have verified device 0000:03:00.0 is alone in group 14. Group 15 is the group it was in before the the ACS patch.
Is there anything I can do to fix this or do is passing through this device impossible?
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2021.10.27 15:30 Mysterious_Music7058 How the hell does a newcomer get points on Reddit?

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2021.10.27 15:30 thcnuusku Great minds think alike

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2021.10.27 15:30 siwel7 Please help me with volumetric dosing, this is driving me crazy

A certain medication (in liquid form) sent to me and I want to dilute it to a smaller concentration (10 microgram/0.1 millilitre).
The solution is currently fixed at an existing concentration of 1.5mg/mL (let's stick with 150mcg/0.1mL, which I'll refer to as the "base" concentration), but I'd like to add more water to change the existing concentration to 10mcg/0.1mL--------which is exactly my desired dosage.
I'd like to get it as precise as possible and also understand how I can calculate it for myself in future, when I need to titrate/taper up/down. Anyway, this is the closest I can get, showing work:
If I add an additional 0.1ml to the base (halve it), I get 75mcg/0.1mL (now 0.2mL total);
Then I add another 0.2mL to the base (halve again), I get 37.5mcg/0.1ml (now 0.4mL total);
Another 0.4ml to the base (halve again) = 18.75mcg/0.1mL (now 0.8mL total);
Another 0.8ml to the base (halve one last time) = 9.375mcg/0.1mL (1.6mL total)
Is my math correct? Is there another way to go about dilution to obtain a more precise overall solution? This is the closest I can get to 10mcg/0.1mL. I couldn't find any online resources to explain the work involved in arriving at that calculation as I have no idea how to word it through Google.
Thanks for any help
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2021.10.27 15:30 ThePotatoChipQueen Can you redeem Minecraft Bedrock with a Minecraft Card?

I bought a minecraft card at Walmart so I can play Bedrock edition with my friends on my computer, even though I already have Java. Whenever I bought Java (the same way, through a card) a few years ago, I was able to choose which edition I wanted, but I no longer see this option. I'm afraid to redeem the card on my Mojang Account in case I end up with two Java editions. Help!
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2021.10.27 15:30 Zabuhatiy Умные мысли преследовали его, но он был быстрее

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2021.10.27 15:30 SexyN8 Someone has been watching "Young Justice"

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2021.10.27 15:30 Carlos_Sullivan15 THE NEIGHBOURHOOD

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2021.10.27 15:30 Lost_Row4039 So Eternals has been REVIEW BOMBED....

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2021.10.27 15:30 ERT78US Exchanges

Exchanging from a crypto to a stable coin and later from a stable coin back to a crypto on Exodus. How are the fees on these transfers/exchanges? I remember reading somewhere that exchanging crypto for a stable coin in Exodus is free? Or am I imagining this???
Example: trade DOGE to USDT and at a later time exchange from USDT back to DOGE or something else…
Any ideas or experience with this?
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2021.10.27 15:30 Thegoldenchase Halloween scented natural deodorant

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2021.10.27 15:30 flippysti How's Fuji 56 1.2 on X-T4?

GAS has attacked so I've been looking to add a 56 1.2 to my lineup. This lens is of course infamous for iffy AF... but how is it on the X-T4?
I am planning to shoot it mostly at 1.2 with tracking AF-C and face detection. For reference, I have a 23 1.4 mk1 and feel satisfied with its AF performance even in low light.
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2021.10.27 15:30 HappyNarwhall Gas prices/Oil

We are all aware of the soaring gas prices. I know it is a complex issue but I want to hear your opinions and have a few questions.
Why is China refining more oil than the US right now?
Why is the US sending oil to China to refine it and then back here for consumption?
I know demand is responsible for rising gas prices and there is a shortage of oil suppliers in the US... The global supply chain is fucked right now.
Why, now, is there a shortage of suppliers in the US and there wasn’t in the past?
I keep hearing people blaming the administration which is funny... as if the administration has any direct impact on this issue. Unless I’m wrong and they can have an impact.
I’d like to hear your opinions as I am a bit clueless on this
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2021.10.27 15:30 keef2000 Mötley Crüe - The Dirt: Declassified

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2021.10.27 15:30 s1gnalZer0 Can anyone help me identify this flag?

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2021.10.27 15:30 SFMatchThreadder Match Thread: Dundee vs Ross County | Scottish Premiership

0': Dundee vs Ross County Venue: Kilmac Stadium at Dens Park
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Adam Legzdins, Ryan Sweeney, Lee Ashcroft, Jordan Marshall, Cameron Kerr, Charlie Adam, Paul Mcgowan, Jordan McGhee, Jason Cummings, Leigh Griffiths, Paul McMullan.
Subs: Liam Fontaine, Cillian Sheridan, Daniel Mullen, Ian Lawlor, Christie Elliott, Luke McCowan, Corey Panter.
Ross County
Ashley Maynard-Brewer, Harrison Clarke, Jack Baldwin, Alex Iacovitti, Connor Randall, Jordan Tillson, Harrison Patton, Ross Callachan, Jordan White, Regan Charles-Cook, Joseph Hungbo.
Subs: Keith Watson, Ross Laidlaw, Dominic Samuel, Blair Spittal, Jack Burroughs, Alex Robertson, Ben Paton.
Don't see a thread for a match you're watching? Click here to learn how to request a match thread from this bot.
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2021.10.27 15:30 AwkwardZSkitz Claims Adjuster Trainee.

Hey folks, I’ve posted before but worded it badly so I’m trying once again. I am currently working and making okay money nothing special mid sixties. I was recently hired to become a claims adjuster trainee (Auto Damage) the starting pay is roughly 8k under my current salary which isn’t the worst thing in the world. The hiring mgr stated after training I can expect a decent bump but didn’t have any figures and wouldn’t disclose averages, does anyone know roughly how much? They also stated there may be overtime available and that the pay significantly increases quickly. Lastly I would save money through using their car for personal use which to my surprise is allowed.
Please give me any feedback and tips and tricks to get me rolling. I will be in a hotel for nine weeks for training
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2021.10.27 15:30 Monty7484 Im handing in my notice tomorrow

I have decided that im going to move down to Glasgow. I have no idea what im going to do, but i feel ive wasted 2 years already.if i dont do it now, i never will
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2021.10.27 15:30 VIMCOM Iconic NYC Retail Chain Launches New App

If you're from NYC, chances are you've shopped at V.I.M. before. For over 40 years V.I.M. remains New York's neighborhood retail chain with over 30 stores. Most recently, it relaunched their website vim.com and mobile app (search VIM.COM in your Google Play or Apple App Store). Check them out, they still offer affordable fashion streetwear clothing and sneakers for men and women (including Big & Tall and Plus size). They even have a wide variety of kids sneakers, boots and shoes for the low.
Try them out if you haven't yet, Shop faster with the app and save 40% Off your entire order. No exclusions - can't beat that!
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2021.10.27 15:30 LiveInIxora NFT GAME: Genetic algorithms that grow into plants! Take care of your plant pet!

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2021.10.27 15:30 Frencil "No one is going to destroy an animal that is well behaved and quiet"

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