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2021.09.21 10:58 lourzon Test

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2021.09.21 10:58 MenuSweet6575 Tjej 20år, storlek 36 Skicka meddelande om önskemål samt pris. Tar Swish;)

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2021.09.21 10:58 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 10:58 LifeMathMoney Never ask a woman "where do you want to go?" She will say "I don't know, where do you want to go?" - it'll go nowhere Always say "Let's go to X place at Y time." Women suck at deciding things, they want to be led into fun activities by you.

Never ask a woman "where do you want to go?" She will say "I don't know, where do you want to go?" - it'll go nowhere Always say "Let's go to X place at Y time." Women suck at deciding things, they want to be led into fun activities by you.
by LifeMathMoney
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2021.09.21 10:58 Suitable-Engine-7781 sant rampal ji maharaj

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2021.09.21 10:58 ProfessionalAd8190 No Tourism / High Life DLC Items from Traders

Dear Anno-Community,
I have started a new Anno match a few weeks back, before the High Life DLC was released. Meanwhile I'm in the middle of the High Life DLC and getting into skyscrapers and the more complex productions chains. As optimizing production and using items is one of the fun aspects for me, I was looking for items affecting the DLC production chains e.g. the multi-factories.
I have done a bit of research and there are some items affected the DLC buildings. One of the most popular and powerful items is the "Blue Sky Delivery Service". I guess it is known by the most ppl here in the community
Nonetheless, I do not manage to receive this item in any way - or any other DLC related items. I have spend a lot of time checking the items at Eli and Archibald. No of the DLC items ever showed up and I have tried a lot.
When I check the items in the statistics screen, the DLC items do show up. According to this screen the items should be available e.g. at Elis or at Archibalds.
Does anyone has the same experience?
Am I just to impatience?
Do I need to trigger something, before I can get DLC items? (The DLC are active, I have restaurants and so on....).

For information: I only have the Season Pass 3 and the Arctic DLC. So no research institute...

Thanks and have a good one!
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2021.09.21 10:58 piedhelp Some progress with ED?

Man, I'm over 30, I've had a flatline for years, MW for 1,5 years, WD occasionally and had a GF that stayed with me for more than 2 years (until we ended it, I mean enought is enough). See post here: https://www.reddit.com/NoFap/comments/p2wy9s/pied_reboot_for_more_than_3_years_need_help/
Doing hard mode since almost 2 months. But last 1,5 month I've noticed an increase in libido so I tried to stimulate my penis with some oil and a soft grip (went slowly on it) and I got tops 40 % hard (it took a long while, like 15 min at least) so then I remembered that I've used a silicon male hand sex toy and more of that oil... and first time in years I was 100 % erect for more than 15 min! I've tried this before and It never got harder nor stayed hard in the toy. I've tried this with a condom and it still was 100 % (as long as a stimualted it). The problem though is that I O'd after trying this for 5 times (different days), so now I have to reset my counting. That was last week, now I feel some libido increase again. But, I will not test it anymore, beacuse it ruined my hard mode.
Now, after years, I do feel more hopeful that this may get better. I mean, 100 % hard for 15 min without porn is crazy for me. Sure, It was a toy, but it never worked before!

Things that have changed :
- Started, really, to exercise regularly, i.e. more aerobic exercise, which I've not done before. I mostly lifted weights.
- Taking supplements: sulbutiamine, CDP-choline and inositol. I do not know if these do anything. But for me, at this stage and age, it is all or nothing.
- Got acne (comedonal acne) on forehead chest and back. These are small but plentiful. Like WTF..

One thing that is stopping my progress is that fact that I cannot stop thinking of my ex, "the one that got away" type, which makes be depressed. Maybe I need therapy.

Things I need to do:
- Meditation.
- Socializing more.

So, would you count this as a progress?
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2021.09.21 10:58 BasilKhouli [Guide] The Ruby Economy

On Origin Realms, the economy is based on the Ruby. The Ruby is a mineral that can be obtained in many ways. Rubies are utilised across Origin Realms; everything from trading to enchanting to décor, so it’s a good idea to have a steady supply of them throughout your gameplay.

Common Ways to Obtain Rubies:
Mining Ruby Ore will spawn across both your realm and the resource world. Ruby ore acts similarly to Lapis Ore in that it drops multiple rubies when mined, the ore is also fortune affected so mining can be a good way to get a good number of rubies while mining for other resources.

Auction House The Auction House accessed by running the command /ah is a way of selling items to other players for a set price. To put an item or items on the Auction House, hold it in your hand and run the command /auction . You can view all your listings by running /ah and clicking the icon on the right that looks like a chest; any auction items that do not sell, or if you no longer wish to sell an item, just left-click the item in this menu to claim it back into your inventory.

Trading If you are going to trade with another player, you will need to do so in a Realm or Resource World as items cannot be thrown in Origin Isles (spawn). Make sure you are in a safe place to make the trade. It is a good idea to take screenshots of any correspondence between you and the person you’re trading with in relation to the trade so that if anything goes wrong, you have full proof and documentation of the trade.

Loot The Resource World offers structures and balloon crates that offer loot which often includes rubies. Balloon Crates are crates attached to balloons that can be obtained if you hit the balloon with any kind of projectile (such as a bow and arrow), or your fist if your fast enough. Structures are found both above and below ground, and are often surrounded by dangerous mobs so it’s a good idea to have some good armour and weapons with you!

#market on the Origin Realms Discord Got something you want to sell? Or looking for a particular item? Join the Origin Realms Discord by running the command /discord, and go to the #market channel, there you can post about anything related to buying/selling/trading in Origin Realms. The #market channel is also a good place to check prices on items you want to sell/buy, as chances are someone has advertised the item before at a price so that you know what to expect in terms of value of the item you’re selling/buying. That way, you can make sure you’re not paying too much for an item or selling an item at too low of a price.

Help I’ve been scammed! If you’ve taken screenshots of any correspondence between yourself and the person you traded with, DM a Moderator with the details of what happened and send along the screenshots you have! They will best be able to help you if you have any evidence relating to the transaction. However, if you don’t have any screenshots don’t fret! The staff will do the best they can to help you out with any scams. It is important to note that OR Staff can only help you with trades made on the servediscord that have been made with in-game money/items, if you’ve traded with real money, or anything off-platform the staff will unfortunately not be able to help you.
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2021.09.21 10:58 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 10:58 jax2bcn Second guessing my non-cellular purchase. Thoughts?

I preordered the space grey max storage option.
Considering switching (cancelling and reordering) the cellular version.
Delivery date would stay the same with canceling and reordering.
Can anyone who has previously owned a cellular iPad if it’s worth the extra money? How often did you rely on cellular?
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2021.09.21 10:58 Eddielowfilthslayer Brave no longer showing Wikipedia snippet, and also showing ads. Bottom is Firefox.

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2021.09.21 10:58 ivaangroy Is it necessary to shave all your facial hair to crossdress?

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2021.09.21 10:58 GamedatabasE Hanako Honor & Blade Official Launch Trailer

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2021.09.21 10:58 Krystyn54404084 We are cеrtifiеd writеrs in the аcаdеmic іndustry rеаdy to аssіst you with your еssаys, dіssеrtаtions, оnlіne clаssеs and mаth.

Create a free account. Get discount - 15%. Promo code: HKYVG1
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2021.09.21 10:58 Lil_Temple Ninja + Geomancer in Budget Unkillable Speedtune

Ninja + Geomancer in Budget Unkillable Speedtune Seen this question a few times recently, so after posting to people, a few have asked me to share my build to have Ninja and Geomancer running in the Budget Unkillable, so here it is. Obviously props go to Deadwood Jedi and his guys for their work figuring out the Ninja speeds for this - watch this video - I just slotted in Geo.
The speeds are the same as the normal budget unkillable, so again, see those on Deadwood's site here.
Obviously you are going to have to switch out Geo for another stun target for a Force Affinity clan boss (or your Ninja / FB will be the stun target) - I just keep a magic champ (gravechill) to sub in, then all my DPS are magic and weak affinity. At the moment, where my clan is, our NM and UNM boss is never below 50%, I'm still pretty new to the game.
Ninja does need to priorities his A3 (and not have the retribution mastery) for the tune to work and I always setup the team with Pain Keepers A3 and A2 manually to ensure she does them even if people are at full health.

Basic speeds: 240-241 - Maneater 218-222 - Pain Keeper 161-164 - Ninja 175-178 - DPS
UNM - https://deadwoodjedi.info/cb/9f40ea84f1507164a236028f81d8beb1fc2e9375 111-118 – Stun Rotation: Maneater – auto Pain Keeper - auto\* Geo – A2, auto
NM - https://deadwoodjedi.info/cb/9faf9bd4291e954b6e16b2c11c0df9df8110a9a0 121 -Stun Target Rotation: Maneater - A1, auto Pain Keeper - A3, A1, auto
Brutal - https://deadwoodjedi.info/cb/f3a7f01a8491f26f5ab96519a4a981ca5948e8ab 111-118 - Stun Target Rotation: Maneater - A2, A1, auto Pain Keeper - A2, A1, auto Ninja – A2, auto
\* I run Frozen Banshee in a retaliation set, so to get more hits in while her Poison Sensitivity is up, I actually switch the Pain Keeper rotation for UNM to - Pain Keeper – A1, A2, auto

A few tips - firstly, Geomancers passive to reduce damage taken can make the HP/Def balance tough, as the stun target calc doesnt take this into account.
If you want to get the most out of your Geomancer, you want to hit affinity clan boss for those double hits to reflect. You also want to try to take as much damage as you can - so things like not taking the Resurgent mastery and ensuring your Maneater has low accuracy so he doesnt apply his decrease attack debuff etc.
I am still improving this myself, my gear isnt amazing, I am still just mid-game and some of my masteries need redoing (to take my own advise above).
A couple of recent runs:
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2021.09.21 10:58 DehNutCase Mage Arena Week

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2021.09.21 10:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [NZ] - Lord of Rings film-maker Peter Jackson's former employee investigated over Ferrari and plane | NZ Herald

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2021.09.21 10:58 spodermanSWEG Keyboard isn't working since latest update

Anyone else had the same issue? It lets me type whilst setting up a game i.e reincarnators, but once I'm actually in the game, I can't do anything with the keyboard. Pause, speed up/down, esc for menu, F keys for actions etc none work
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2021.09.21 10:58 KiraGreenHearted *free* kira + gucci mane + zaytoven type beat "zone 6" (Prod. by Elton)

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2021.09.21 10:58 Gregbyd Spanish, Italiano!

♪ Today's top Spanish, Spanglish, Latino, Español, Portugués & Italian artists! Enjoy the richness, culture and flavour of Hispanic music, infused with rhythm, passion, intimacy, love, and more. (Heads up! Favourites, new tracks and recent releases up top!) Don't be shy, turn the bass up to the MAX

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2021.09.21 10:58 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 10:58 frosty1965 French Prime-Minister Jacques Chirac during a Concorde flight. 1987.

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2021.09.21 10:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [NZ] - Driver in critical condition after Christchurch crash snaps power pole in half | NZ Herald

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2021.09.21 10:58 siryolk When your opponent threatens mate in 1, but as GM Ben Finegold puts it, "it's not his turn". Black to mate in 3.

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2021.09.21 10:58 lemingas1 What are your thoughts on Star Trek: Enterprise?

I, personally, think that this show was the last good Star Trek related thing we got. Sure it was not of the same quality like previous Star Trek shows, but it still managed to tell interesting and character driven stories. I also liked how the show clarified some ambiguous stuff in Star Trek canon and how true, for the most part, it remained to the whole Star Trek universe.
What do you think?
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